1. GameBawesome

    Challenge: A country that is 100% Vegetarian

    We all know what Vegetarian is. The practice where people doesn't eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons, whereas Veganism is the practice of abstaining from using animal products entirely. In the modern age, many people in many nations...
  2. How will modern Europeans react to a 1st world Assyrian country deep within Central Europe?

    What if some ancient Assyrians went and settled deep within Central Europe before the first Persian empire even existed then they fully established a classic powerful ancient Assyrian civilization there with a classic ruthless brutal professional ancient Assyrian military? They were unconquered...
  3. Goats-&-Bolts

    AH Countries and Nations Game

    A thread in the same style as the Explain the AH Quote, the AH Title and Description Game and AH Cultural Descriptions threads (with a dash of the Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world for added flavour). The 1st poster provides the name of a counterfactual nation and the second poster...
  4. AHC/WI: Western country turned "Nazi-Commie"?

    How would the world react if a country in Western Europe suddenly turned to a political direction that can be described as a combination of Nazism and Communism? I'm mainly thinking of Belgium, or possibly a separatist region of the Netherlands, or possibly a part of Eastern Germany. For...
  5. Challenge: Plausible alternative to nationalism

    Ok guys what I'm asking you is to think about (or tell me about, if you already know) an alternative ideology on how a state should be formed. Obviously we already had ethno-linguistic nationalism and kingdoms big and small, can you think of another way to organize a state? Your POD can be...
  6. Duke Andrew of Dank

    The World Cometh: An alternate 19th-21st century of Nations

    Welcome to The Big, Shrinking World! This is a timeline that is dedicated to alternate takes on pre-existing countries, and countries based on existing ones. If you wish to contribute. Please give me your ideas in the inbox. I already have idea for the British colonies in Southern Africa and...
  7. Flag, map and country challenge

    If I had to say a list of things that this forum loves it would be: Flags, Maps, countries graphics Logos Infoboxes and political parties So I challenge you to create a country and give it atleast 1 other thing on that list. You can even write up a mini history for it.
  8. Aaaaasima

    Countries based on religion which isn't an Abrahamic religion

    Here are some ideas I had: Bangabhumi: This is IOTL movement for Hindus in Bangladesh, and in 2003 some declared independence for the "Hindu Republic of Bangabhumi". If you manage to make it independent in your TL it might become the world's first Hindu Republic. Khalistan: A movement for a...
  9. DakotaTimeTraveler

    WI Rock Music Develops Earlier?

    Rock was essentially launched by the early forms of itself, namely rock & roll and rockabilly. The ancestors of rock music were many - jazz, blues, country, Appalachian folk music and gospel. Considering the popularity of jazz and country in the 1920s & 1930s, what if rock music ended up being...
  10. Cheer

    No Nation-State?

    With a PoD after the founding of the Roman Empire, is it possible to prevent the concept of a "nation-state" from arising? What I mean by that is preventing ethnicity-based, well-defined states becoming the global norm, like they did after Western conquest IOTL. Please educate me if I...
  11. Aaaaasima

    AHC: Ahmadi country?

    Is it possible for a country to be predominantly Ahmadi?