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  1. Jaiken

    A Humble Nintendo: What if Donkey Kong Failed?

    The idea was simple, launch the Donkey Kong arcade game and let it see how the American market would react. Instead, the game had a bug that made the game play terribly or simply not at all, Donkey Kong would have to be shelved. With all the monitors now needing to be recalled something had to...
  2. Of Discs and Drives - A Gaming TL
    Threadmarks: One (1991)

    One (1991) 8:59 6.1.91 Tokyo, Japan The day had finally arrived. After months of waiting and developing, it was finally time. It was time to reveal a project almost finished, it was time, to reveal Project Mark 5.5, the SEGA-CD. Lights came on for the booths, Hayao Nakamaya and Tom Kalinske...