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  1. Would the US recognise the South even if they won?

    In discussions about a Confederate victory in the Civil War the question of recognition is dominated by whether or not the UK and/or France would recognise Southern independence, given how crucial that would be for the war. But I think there's an equally important question that is being left...
  2. Confederate victory in ACW: Impact on ideology?

    So I know there are various ACW-related threads, but I would like to focus more impact that Confederate victory gives on the ideological aspects. For the question of how CSA won, let's assume "order 191 isn't lost" pod for the sake of scenario. For starters, these are my two cents. 1...
  3. Frisnu

    World in Chains: The South Risen

    THE BATTLE OF BULL RUN "I remember the disorganized Union retreat, neither side had their forces deployed effectively. McDowell sent the 2nd and 3rd Divisions to get the Confederates' left, while the 1st Division marched forward on the stone bridge. Things already ran into problems with...
  4. 'Blood-Stained South' - A Confederate Victory Timeline
    Threadmarks: First Draft of Timeline

    This is the first draft of the timeline and is out of date. An updated version can be found further down...
  5. If Practicable: The Confederacy wins at Gettysburg.
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    I just wanted to say before I get started that I know Gettysburg is one of the most common pod's for a Confederate victory TL so I acknowledge a certain lack of originality. But rest assured I mean to make the rest of the story as engaging as I can. With that out of the way, let's get to it...
  6. Would an independent Confederacy centralize after an 1865 peace settlement?

    Say the usual cliche of a peace candidate wins in 1865 and grants the Confederacy l its independence. I think giving the shape of the Confederacy at that time, the South would've been forced to change its philosophies of states' right t centralization
  7. What would the development of the independent Confederacy's Transcontinental Railroad look like?

    In my TL, the Confederacy gets its independence after the 1864 election, electing a peace candidate, due to war weariness. In the peace negotiations, the Confederacy gets the Arizona Territory and Kentucky (due to them seceding in my TL) The Confederate government repeals it's anti internal...
  8. Nothing For Which to Apologize: Ambition and Loathing in the New South
    Threadmarks: Preface

    Preface Years ago, I started work on a novel, The Devil and Harvey Hill, that told the story of a Confederate victory from the eyes of four historical characters: Robert Smalls, Confederate General D.H. Hill, OTL spy and probable Lincoln conspirator Sara Slater, and an obscure carpenter and...
  9. Sequel de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo, Vol. II)

    Sequel de Mayo (Source: Wikimedia Commons) Table of Contents Previous Thread: Cinco de Mayo (2022 Turtledove Winner - Colonialism and Revolutions) Prologue Part X - The Eye of the Hurricane (May 1915-1916) Part XI - From These Ashes, Nothing Grows (1917-1918) Part XII - This is the Way the...
  10. GameBawesome

    Railroads after a Confederate Victory

    To give a great oversimplification, after the Civil War or between 1870s to 1890s, the United States entered an industrial era, where new railways expanded across the nation, creating a new and more connected network across teh nation With a POD I've been using for most of my CSA Victory asks...
  11. World Mapping

    Cliches and unrealistic things to avoid in my Confederate victory scenario.

    Hello, y'all. I have a Confederate victory timeline in the works (the map of which c. 1914 can be seen below). What are some cliches, unrealism, and other things I should avoid?
  12. World Mapping

    Franco-Austrian Alliance after a Confederate victory?

    Hello. I currently have my own Confederate victory timeline in the works. As of now, in regards to alliances and diplomacy, I've been using the typical "USA joins Central Powers" model, likely because my own timeline was inspired heavily by TL-191, and came into being because of my desire to...
  13. World Mapping

    ASB WI: TL-191 United States, Quebec, and Texas as of 1944 get ISOTed to OTL 2022?

    If the United States of America, Republic of Quebec, and the Second Republic of Texas, as of 1944 A.D. in the TL-191 universe, were ISOTed to OTL 2022, what would ensue? Here's a *map: *Made some assumptions in regards to what the postwar situation looks like. I assumed the U.S. would gain...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Hippos... in the CSA?

    Alright. This idea is going to sound batsh*t insane, and kills thousands of Butterflies... But hear me out. However, before we get into the scenario, some context around “Lake Cow Bacon." In 1910, Louisiana Congressman Robert F. Broussard proposed a bill, to fund $250,000, in importing hippos...
  15. World Mapping

    The fate of Alaska in a Confederate victory

    What do y'all recon would be the fate of Alaska in a Confederate victory scenario? I'm considering making some revisions to my own Confederate timeline.
  16. World Mapping

    TL-191: The Canadian Occupation (since 1917)

    As we who have read Harry T's Southern Victory series know, following the Central Powers' victory in the First Great War, Canada, after 54 years of independence, ceases to exist, coming under an indefinitely-long U.S. military occupation (save for Quebec, which became an independent state...
  17. World Mapping

    TL-191 WI: Could the Entente feasibly have won GW1?

    There have been several TL-191 fanfictions made in regards to an Entente victory in GW1, though, realistically, could the Entente have feasibly won GW1?
  18. World Mapping

    TL-191 WI: Second Mexican War becomes a World War

    What if, in TL-191, the Second Mexican War escalated, resulting in a world war some 33 years earlier. What would the alliances look like, etc?
  19. World Mapping

    Philadelphia as the capital of the US after a Confederate victory in the ACW

    Let's say that the Confederates win the American Civil War in the fall of 1862, and postwar, the US gov't relocates to Philadelphia, due to D.C. now being on the border. How does this impact the development of Philadelphia, now the administrative capital of the United States?
  20. World Mapping

    Hawaii in a Confederate Victory Scenario

    Let's say the CSA won its independence in 1862 or whenever. What's the fate of Hawaii? Does it still get annexed to the USA, or does it go British or Confederate?