confederate victory

  1. weaverj

    TL 191 DBWI: Final Season of Man in the High Castle finished!

    (Ooc: this is more of a DBRP than a DBWI. I messed up on the title) So I'm sure by this point the folks here have watched Man in the High Castle, and the ones who have yet to watch it here are at least aware of it. Those who somehow aren't aware of the series here have most likely heard of the...
  2. Count of Crisco

    A history of the Confederate States Navy and the American naval Arms race, 1865-1930
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    Forward Following the success of the proceeding, A history of the two navies of the American Civil war, 1860-1865*, it was decided to attempt a follow up work dealing with Confederate naval history up until the present day. As it was realized the sheer amount of work required it was decided to...
  3. GauchoBadger

    PC/WI: Confederate States with Pacific access?

    is there any way for the Confederate States of America to acquire sea access to the Pacific Ocean after a hypothetical victory, as result of events during the war or peace negotiations? IOTL, the western front of the Civil War saw a Confederate attempt to reach California that fell apart after...