confederate emancapation

  1. Sarthak

    To be In Dixie: A Graphic Timeline on the CSA
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    To Be in Dixie Welcome to the World of 'To be in Dixie', a timeline that is meant to attack on the overly troped 'extremely successful CSA' or 'excessively idiotic and stupid CSA' cliches. This will try to show what would be an organic and proper development of a country, that has won its...
  2. The possibility of allowing Free black and slave soldiers into the confederate Volunteers with out the confederate president preventing them.

    Look like it or not at the bottom of the root slavery caused the civil war. how could Confederates allow free black or slave soldiers with the permission of there master be allowed to fight for the confederate states of America? OK so in realityYes blacks did join the confederate militia...