1. Bomster

    Most plausible way to get a Communist/Marxist France?

    IOTL, communist states never arose in western nations. Going against Marx’ predictions, the countries that would fall to communism weren’t highly industrialized capitalist nations, but rather countries with high populations of peasants such as Russia and China. It seems that the western country...
  2. WI: Blanquist Romance-Europe

    To those who don't know Blanquism is a 19th century strain of Socialism that believes it should be brought about through a coup rather than a proletarian uprising. Let's say that during the Dreyfus affair a Blanquist conspiracy successfully takes over during the crisis and become the world's...
  3. Oba Cahokia

    WI: Actual Socialist Movements adopted the Swastika instead of the Far Right?

    The Swastika is a symbol that has been used in every continent and meant as universal symbol of piece. What if was used as a symbol of or nod to the pro-Communist societies that used it?
  4. Taunay

    20th century China without Mao

    Mao Zedong was without a doubt one of the most important people in the history of modern China. He lead the Communists through much of the Chinese Civil War and became leader of China for 27 years. During his time as leader, tens of millions would die due to his terrible policies and ideas. This...
  5. Marklin

    AHC Make Communism collapse in East Asia at the same time as Eastern Europe in the late 80s/1990s

    I suppose it would be more accurate to title this "Make the PRC and DPRK collapse at the same time as the Eastern Bloc" but this is easier to make into a shorter title. Basically what it says on the thread: The challenge is to find a way to make the Communist countries (or at least, countries...
  6. consequences of a Mikoyan premiership?

    what if Anastas Mikoyan became premier of the soviet union? would he reform the USSR into semi capitalism? would the soviets avoid collapse? what would armenia be like? how would this alternate USSR and world develop?
  7. how would this alternate east asia developed

    this is East Asia in my alt cold war scenario some context: the south won the korean war the Chinese civil war ended in stalemate. Chiang survived through a combination of luck, major american investment and sheer grit. both sides came very close during the civil war to destroying the other...
  8. Al-Za’im

    WI: Lenin arrested by Tauride Palace

    On the 23-24 of October, the Bolshevik Central Committee passed resolutions proposed by Lenin which recognised that ‘An armed uprising is inevitable and the time perfectly ripe,’ further approving the motion that ‘All the organisations of the party should act accordingly.’ Lenin’s intervention...
  9. Plausibility check|A communist revolution could break out before WW1?

    Could there have been a communist revolution,even not in Russia,without the crisis caused by the war and without the other powers too busy fighting to suppress the revolution?
  10. Population of East Germany if USSR decided to forcibly send all the expelled Germans from Silesia & Pomerania there?

    If the USSR and Poland, during the expulsion of the Germans from Pomerania and Silesia, decided to forcibly send all the expelled Germans to the Soviet Occupation Zone instead of allowing them to move to the Western Allied occupation zones preventing freedom of movement, as well as not allowing...
  11. AHC: Make the communists win the Greek civil war.

    The Greek Civil War took place from 1943 to 1949. It was mainly fought against the established Kingdom of Greece, which was supported by the United Kingdom, the United States and France and won in the end. The losing opposition was governed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and its military...
  12. ACB3C0_

    AHC: Have Spain be the first socialist country on Earth.

    I was scrolling by a few threads here since I'm intrigued at the idea of a nation like Germany, the United Kingdom, or France being the first nation to develop socialism as opposed to Russia. Then I thought about Western European nations to develop socialism first, and the two I thought were...
  13. CountofDooku

    Our Soviet Union (USSR)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Death of Lenin

    Chapter One: Death of Lenin Born out of the ashes of the Russian Civil War in 1922, the Soviet Union was shaken by the Death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924 that ended the federal Leninist one-party socialist republic under Lenin’s totalitarian dictatorship and left many to wonder, what would come...
  14. Alternative names for East Germany?

    Excluding Prussia, what could have been some alternate, other names that would have been used to represent east Germany? (Basically if it was referred to as something else rather than just East German Democratic Republic)
  15. AHC: Make Kaliningrad become independent following the collapse of the USSR while still being Russian majority

    Hello everyone! I have a challenge for you. Make Kaliningrad go independent following the collapse of the USSR while still being Russia majority, and being part of the russian SFSR prior to that.
  16. Waltzing Brunhilda

    The People's Flag is Deepest Red - A Revolutionary TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    There are decades where weeks happen and weeks where decades happen. -Vladimir Lenin. Workers of Finland, we have Victory! - Kullervo Manner 1918 Lithuania I shall return -Augustinas Voldemaras 1919 Poland yet lives! – Last words of Josef Piłsudski Warsaw 1920 Before a revolution happens, it...
  17. How could communist Romania have enlarged/increased its GDP?

    How could communist Romania from the 1950s to the 1980s have improved its economy and gdp? Perhaps becoming one of the largest economies in Eastern europe? (After USSR)
  18. What if Romania managed to aquire nukes in the 1980s? How would this affect the eastern bloc and the cold war?

    Romania (as the Romanian People's Republic) started a nuclear research program in 1949, focusing on radioactive isotopes in medicine and industry. Some have interpreted Romania's actions to have a dual purpose, as the military program began in 1978, jointly operated with the program for the...
  19. More Communist States in Africa?

    I was reading up on Communist Parties in Africa for a timeline I've been writing and while most never gained power - or if they had it, have since lost it, I was curious what if there was still a communist country in Africa? First, I'm curious on Benin and the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville -...
  20. AHC: Redraw Soviet administrative divisions to prevent ethnic strife and future conflicts

    (reviving an old thread) By the late 1950s to early 1960s (after the repatriation of ethnicities of the Caucasus that were deported to Siberia due to Stalin's orders), re-organize and re-draw the SSRs, Republics, Oblasts, Okrugs, and other divisions of the USSR to diminish ethnic tension the...