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  2. Magellanica - fictional continent version II: Southeast Pacific (collaborative TL)

    Any thoughts about what climate and vegetation zones would there be in Pacific Magellanica? And natural resources? Population?
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  4. WI: Byzantine remnents flee west in a "Third Odyssey"

    I admit to borrowing the premise from an EUIV mod I found recently, and due to the nature of the search engine, I believe, have been unable to find a similar timeline. So the idea is this: what if the Byzantine Greeks, sensing their oncoming demise, engage in an exodus of more than...
  5. Zachariah

    AHC: Chinese Cuba

    From 1847-1878 CE, over 125,000 Chinese indentured laborers were brought to Cuba, an island of only about one million, through the 'Coolie Trade'. and at this stage, comprised almost an eighth of the Cuban population. However, most of these either died childless or intermarried, with their...
  6. How valuable is Indochina?

    I’ve been playing around with the idea of the French controlling all of Indochina, including Thailand and Malaysia (Northern Borneo and Brunei included), but excluding Singapore. My question is: how valuable would this colony be? Could it rival India? I guess it depends on the PoD, but this...
  7. WI: Abel Tasman discovers sandalwood in Oceania?

    Sandalwood was a very valuable trade commodity, and was relatively accessible in multiple places that were not colonized by Europeans until the 18th/19th century, such as Fiji, Vanuatu, and northern Australia. I think Abel Tasman or some equivalent Dutch explorer could have discovered...
  8. Historyman 14

    Turtledove's 'Worldwar': Colonization Fleet never comes

    As said in the title, the Race's Colonization Fleet disappears on the way to Earth, as if it never existed in the first place. (ASB took it away.) So, what would the Race on Earth do without the colonists to keep the Race presence alive on Earth? What would the Human nations do when they...
  9. Timaeus

    AHC: Look to the Uttermost West

    So, for all the vast empires the European kingdoms carved out during the early modern period, none of its royals ever seemed to have left the continent, let alone visited their colonies for any extended period of time. I know there are a lot of reasons for this, but I've always found it a bit...
  10. WI: The United States adopted the "Siberian Fort" strategy of westward expansion?

    What if the United States' Manifest Destiny was a little bit more "Russian", and analogous to the Russian eastward expansion? In this scenario: Expansion is done by building fortresses along major points, without significant settlement until much later, akin to the Russian Ostrogs in remote...
  11. L'dor V'dor: An Odyssey
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    L'dor V'dor An Odyssey 1558 Belvedere Castle, Kostantiniyye‎ Gracia Nasi tapped her fingers on the desk as she waited for her partner and son-in-law to enter. Joseph had been visiting the Crown Prince at the palace, likely discussing affairs of state and perhaps the latest exotic item to...
  12. St. Just

    Surfing The Web: An Exploration TL
    Threadmarks: Opening Post

    Capital. The lifeblood of agricultural civilization, the property that knows many shapes, the root of all the evils of mankind. For want of capital and the control over the means of its production, the elite-conglomerations, the states of the world would fight many wars, make marriages and...
  13. Ilúphatar

    Turtledove's Worldwar/Colonisation: Relevant British Empire after invasion of Tosev 3

    As a Briton myself, I felt rather depressed after I learned of the decline of the United Kingdom and its transition towards a German satellite after the Race Invasion of Tosev 3, in Turtledove's 'Worldwar' and 'Colonisation' series. Within the scenario of this extraterrestrial invasion...
  14. EmperorOfTheNorthSea

    European Hokkaido/Sakhalin? (Not Including Russia as European)

    Could it be possible that if a POD ranging anywhere from something in Russia preventing any large expansions eastward to something in Japan that leaves a more pro-western shogunate in charge to just some ship that got stranded somewhere mean that a European power could assert influence into the...
  15. Sengoku Period Colonization of the Americas

    Chinese Colonization being one of the most hotly debated topics in AH. I figure I would take a swing at a similar strain. Primarily, Japanese Colonization. In my initial thoughts on this we run around the issue of the actual discovery of the West Coast of the Americas as the Spanish have...
  16. Count of Crisco

    When is the latest the Dutch could colonize Australia.

    I know that IOTL the British left part of the continent open in case of eventual Dutch interest in it. What I dont know is the point where the British would have not been okay with the Dutch colonizing their half. When is the last possible point that the Dutch could have colonized New Holland then?
  17. Kumarbi

    AHC: Greek colony in Africa by the 20th century

    Some sort of Greek state colonizes a part of Africa before the end of the 1800s. Could it happen and what would it look like/where would it be? My guess would be most likely Cyrenaica or even all of Libya instead of the Italians. POD after 1700.
  18. GauchoBadger

    Another plausible location for an US-style colony

    So, i've been reading a bit of The Shield Of Liberty and i am here to ask. Is there another feasible location for a colony styled like the Thirteen Colonies of Britain? -Some limited autonomy, with possibility of federation between the colonies -Varied economic riches and types of production...
  19. Colonization Attempts on US East Coast Fail

    Just a thought I had, but how would the settlement of North America look like if attempts to settle the Eastern Seaboard for one reason or another failed? The Native Confederacies were able to boot out the settlers, the settlers starved, other colonial powers massacred each other, etcetc. That...
  20. WI: Orthodox colonization of America?

    If an Eastern Orthodox country colonized the new world, how would its policies differ from Catholic and Protestant colonization of the Americas? Is it any better or worse for the native empires and confederations? Some scenarios for Orthodox colonizers: Surviving Byzantine empire retains or...