1. ronaldo

    Portuguese colonies in caribbean

    How could Portugal have colonies in the Caribbean? Is it possible to have colonies in the Caribbean and still maintain the territory that you have gained from Spain besides the tordesillas treaty in present-day Brazil?
  2. ronaldo


  3. WI: The Spanish Empire Takes Economic Development Seriously?

    With a POD after 1492 is Spain capable of actually creating a strong economy and not running it into the ground? When I mean by that is not spending so much on wars and spending more developing technologies and industries like Britain and the Netherlands did. And so on and so forth. Maybe...
  4. AH Question: Union of France and England and colonization.

    A question, if say, France and England had a union of the two states similar to Austria to Hungary, how would the colonization of the New World go about?
  5. AHC: Modern day Colonialism

    Would it be possible to make large scale colonialism last to the modern day? It could be in any form, with colonials having few or fully equal rights. It could even be a loose, decentralized federation. Also, what effect would this have on the modern day?
  6. Kumarbi

    AHC: Greek colony in Africa by the 20th century

    Some sort of Greek state colonizes a part of Africa before the end of the 1800s. Could it happen and what would it look like/where would it be? My guess would be most likely Cyrenaica or even all of Libya instead of the Italians. POD after 1700.
  7. Uit De Blauwe: A European South Africa

    "Maurits Pasques de Chavonnes (1654–8 September 1724) was governor of the Cape of Good Hope from 1714 till 1721." Part 1: Free Families From The Fatherland Three centuries ago, on 24 June 1716, a very important letter arrived from Amsterdam in Cape Town; a letter that would change the future...
  8. AHC: Reverse Colonialism

    With a pod of 1492, have the most important colonies of each European empire take over or become the center of the empire. For example, the United States will control the former British Empire. Ukraine will control the former Russian Empire. Brazil will control the former Portuguese Empire...
  9. AHC: American Australia

    With a POD of 1776, have the United States own all or most of Australia. Bonus points if you get in New Guinea, New Zealand, and other South Pacific islands as well.
  10. AHC: Russian Canada

    With a POD of 1492, have Russia colonize all or most of what is modern-day Canada. Bonus points for having Soviet Canuckistan if butterflies allow.
  11. Which places could have most easily avoided a european settler majority?

    In our timeline, there are countries and even entire continents worth of populations mostly made up of the descendants of european settlers who got there in the context of modern colonial efforts. Which of these lands and continents could have most easily dodged the bullet, without throwing in...
  12. killertahu22

    Alternate colonization?

    What other European powers could have (realistically) colonized? Colonizing America or Africa works, bonus points if you post a map!
  13. GauchoBadger

    Another plausible location for an US-style colony

    So, i've been reading a bit of The Shield Of Liberty and i am here to ask. Is there another feasible location for a colony styled like the Thirteen Colonies of Britain? -Some limited autonomy, with possibility of federation between the colonies -Varied economic riches and types of production...
  14. AHC: Sunset Invasion

    With a POD after 1 AD, how could an empire originating from Mesoamerica colonize part of Europe (probably Spain) before 1600?
  15. On Her Own Wings: The "Republic of the Pacific"

    “[A]lthough we may now be unknown as a state or power, yet we have the advantages by united efforts of our increasing population, in a diligent attention to agriculture, arts, and literature, of attaining, at no distant day, to as conspicuous an elevation as any state or power on the continent...
  16. AHC: British Empire controls all non-European territory

    With a POD of 1707, have the British Empire control all the world except for Europe. They must have the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and Antarctica.
  17. Fearless Leader

    Eden and Empire
    Threadmarks: Preface

    Eden and Empire Preface What follows is an excerpt from this timeline’s thirteenth volume of the eleventh edition (1910) of The Encyclopædia Britannica taken from pages 864-867 (1)... HUGUENOTS, the name given from about the middle of the 16th century to the Protestants of France. It was...
  18. Count of Crisco

    A History of Alyska in Modern Times.

    Preface. Out of Time Line Forward This thread is based on a previous TL that I grew dissatisfied with and ended. Since then I have reworked major elements of the story and am trying to make this TL more detailed than my last one. The TL is about an Alaskan nation founded in the 1700`s by Russia...
  19. TLIAW- A Mamluk Congo

    Timeline in a Week (ish): Mamluk Congo Another timeline? But what about Renovation? I got a bit of writers block. Wanted to see if doing something will get the creativity running. Oh, so what's this about? A Post Colonial Congo... in 1900 :D Insanity. Not exactly! There's a fun...
  20. Lions and Eagles: An Alternate Twentieth Century

    Hello Torten Hello Monologue Is this a Timeline? Yes it is. So, what is it about? Kaiser Fredrick III actually gets to reign. Didn’t you do that in the past? Friends across the sea? Possibly. Yes you did. Well, it’s the rewritten version. It’s been improved. Ok then. But this isn’t a...