1. Aurantiacis

    Great Big Worlda Collaborative Project - REBOOTED: The Pantheon's Engine
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    In a timeline where Persia loses its grip on the ancient world and allows for the Classical civilizations to prosper and begin the first stages of proto-industrialization, world events that take millennia for our timeline happen one after the other as the dominoes fall. As the cogs of the world...
  2. Great Big Worlda Collaborative Project
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    So I've recently come across several worlds/pixel maps that have a lot of different elements. I think there isn't a specific classification for them but here are the examples: These two are from Mr. Imperator Roma over on deviant art. And this one is from @rvbomally I really like these...
  3. SaveAtlacamani's Maps and Graphics: Where Comrades Collaborate

    This shall be a thread for all collaborative maps and graphics projects which I initiated, and maybe also for other maps and graphics which I create. I will start with a collaboration which has explicitly been permitted by @Gokbay - thanks for that! And this is the map by @Gokbay :
  4. Aaaaasima

    Get it all up-A Collaborative TL

    1990: George Bush begins to make bad eating choices January 8th, 1992: George H. W. Bush vomits heavily on the Japanese Prime Minister. There was some blood in there January 9th, 1992: President Bush is declared dead. Dan Quayle is sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States...
  5. Map collaboration: Where in America do ah.commers live and have traveled to?

    Just recently, I came up with an idea for a map collaboration for members of It's not alternate history, but it still involves maps- where in America have members of this site lived and traveled to? To participate, take the map, and fill in the counties according to the...