cold war era

  1. Alternate History Timeline: China the Superpower (The Chinese Car Industry as of 1978)

    Hi! I am currently writing an alternate history timeline in which the KMT defeated the Communists and re-united China (excluding Mongolia and Tuva). In this timeline, Tibet is a Chinese protectorate, as China chose to vassalize Tibet instead of annexing it. In this timeline, the Chinese car...
  2. phil03

    AHC/WI: Biafra Successfully Establishes its Independence from Nigeria

    As stated in the title, what would it take for Biafra to win its independence war and what kind of butterflies would it create? Bonus points if you can get them to maintain a puppet republic in the Benin region or to incorporate it outright in Biafra.
  3. Powerful India's effects on the Cold War in Asia and the Middle East?

    For this discussion, let us assume the India comes out of WW2 unpartitioned, as that is the easiest way to get India to be more powerful than OTL. Could be Jinnah stays in England, or dies somehow, or Gandhi tries to accommodate Muslims in the INC more; or even just having the British consult...
  4. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    PC: Maintaining/Bolstering State Defense Forces Post-World War Two / During the Cold War

    You know, here's something that might pique some interest especially as this is something different for once: The State Defense Forces until rather recently were more often than not ignored and neglected though admittedly they are still not at the strength that they could potentially be as...
  5. Mr_ Bondoc

    Weird War III

    This is a new alternate history with ASB elements covering the Cold War: What if the United States had gone to war with the Soviet Union? What if these rival superpowers had fought on land, sea, air, and the astral plane...
  6. Cakebear

    US President Goering?

    Herbert Gerin, 32th President of the United States of America (1953-1965) Let say that like most Joe Steele-like scenarios, Goering’s parents move to America before he was born, he grows on X state and is named Herbert Gerin, fights in WW1 as an Army Soldier, now fill in the blanks. Well...
  7. W.I the Allies post war started UGV and UAV research in the 50s?

    Germany's goliath little more than a moving tracked mine, it was less than useful using a cable, poor armor, design and price. While the Allies found them interesting they were not useful and most were scrapped after being used as tugs by the US army air force. But what if, the US and...
  8. Cultural legacy of Soviet victory in the Cold war

    If Soviet Union somehow won Cold War,would they have the same cultural influence on the whole world as the United States OTL? For example, Russian language, communist and socialist ideas and Russian culture become popular?