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  1. WotanArgead

    Victory of the USSR in the Cold War: National Bolshevism as the ideology of the New Right.

    I was visited by the following idea: what if in this world a number of ultra-nationalists can take advantage of various forms of national Bolshevism as a banner. I note that here it is rather a collective term than the name of a specific ideology.
  2. Environmental consequences of a 'soviet victory in the cold war' scenario

    Someone has done this before, but the thread was quite old, so I decided to do a new one. So basicly, as the title says, what effects would a soviet victory have on the environment? On one hand, the eastern bloc industry did quite a lot of damage to the environment (look at lake Aral or the...
  3. WotanArgead

    Victory of the USSR in the Cold War: Philosophy and Science

    Already did a similar topic. Here I would like to give more to the possible impact of the fork on science and the philosophical picture of the world. I can also tell you about the Soviet tendencies in the science and philosophy of the USSR.
  4. WotanArgead

    Voting: Victory of the USSR in the Cold War - American Party System

    I'm thinking over the fate of the United States in a world where the USSR won the Cold War. I came to the conclusion that the option was broken by the US, or the coming to power of the Communists is less likely there than the rejection of expansion and the dissolution of NATO. In other words...
  5. KuboCaskett

    WI: Berlin Blockade of '48 Leads to WWIII? So, how would this blockade plausibly start WWIII and how would the conflict play out in the late 40's? I know for a fact that Stalin wasn't willing to start a conflict at the time but I figure it would take a lot of straws to break his mental back.
  6. KuboCaskett

    Arms Development Without a Cold War?

    I'm kicking around the idea of a world that never had the Cold War happen after WWII ends (mainly with Stalin dead and replaced by a reformist fellow like Beria in spite of the odds and FDR living), and that many of the allied powers engage in a series of disarmament campaigns (yet still have a...
  7. RiverDelta

    DBWI: An American Atomic Bomb and no Resurrected British Empire

    As we all know (well, if you're an atomic history enthusiast like I am), you're likely familiar with the results of Tube Alloys, the British atomic bomb project which benefitted strongly from assistance from the Western Allies, most notably the Americans. American capital, resources, manpower...
  8. WotanArgead

    Victory of the USSR in the Cold War - The fate of role-playing games. - In this topic, much was devoted to a culture of peace where the USSR emerged a conqueror from the Cold War. Here I wanted to discuss a more specific topic - Role-playing Games. Two questions...
  9. WotanArgead

    DBWI - Interesting Map.

    How in your world could this state reach? As far as I understand, here is depicted a bipolar world. What do you think of it?
  10. KuboCaskett

    Military Projects Cancelled by the End of the Cold War

    As I'm working on a story that involves the Cold War still continuing into the 21st century, I need to know about some projects that got cancelled by the OTL end of the Cold War. Already I know of two projects that got canned, namely the G11 Caseless Assault Rifle something and the A-12 Avenger...
  11. WotanArgead

    Socialist Revolution in the post-war USA.

    There is a cold war .... Under what conditions can radical leftists come to power in the US? Conditions: 1) There are no serious changes before the war. 2) The revolution occurred in the late 70's - early 90's The variant of the invasion of the Soviet troops is not protected (this will only lead...
  12. Can anyone think of a cold war scenario where the west loses

    In 1990, instead of the USSR going though some radical destabilization that results in their total collapse. Its the USA. NATO collapses instead of the Warsaw pact. Massive uprisings occur in western europe. Instead of East Germany collapsing and reunifying with the West. West germany collapses...
  13. Zachariah

    WI: NATO backs the Portuguese in the Colonial War?

    The Portuguese Colonial War, also known in Portugal as the Overseas War and in the former colonies as the War of Liberation, was fought between Portugal's military and the emerging nationalist movements in Portugal's African colonies between 1961 and 1974. This war was a decisive ideological...
  14. KuboCaskett

    AHC: Earlier US-PRC positive relations before the 70's?

    While reading up stuff about the situation in mainland China in 1945 and in 1950, they revealed that the Chinese communists had numerous chances for a stable relationship with the US even as the Cold War was looming yet that window of opportunity was shrinking since the rejection of their offer...
  15. WotanArgead

    An updated Union - factionalism or multi-party system?

    Dear forum users, many argue about whether it is possible, whether the victory of the USSR and its allies in the Cold War. Today, I raise a close problem - in order to win, the Union needed to democratize its political system (just as the West needed to develop its social programs). The question...
  16. KuboCaskett

    WI: Mr. Mao Goes to Washington? I know there's already a thread about this but not about the effects of it in the long run; basically the premise is that Mao and his buddies get to visit Washington (or rather a representative of his group) to gain PR points from the USA and the West...
  17. EmperorKazooKid

    A Four Way Cold War

    Hello! Welcome to "A Four Way Cold War", where four superpowers will have a cold war against each other. This is also my first thread so feedback and constructive criticism is very much welcome.
  18. Nightingale

    Can the Cold War end with successful Eastern bloc economic reforms and Soviet unity?

    Can the Cold War end with the Eastern bloc reforming their economies and avoiding the "Era of Stagnation" and without the Soviet Union collapsing afterwards? How would the Soviet and Eastern European political parties fare after 1989 in this scenario? As far as I remember, South Korea became...
  19. KuboCaskett

    Possible Weapon Innovations and Inventions from a 1980's Conventional WWIII?

    For my TL which will feature events set after a WWIII in the first half of the 1980's (that stayed mostly conventional mind you so the total nuclear exchange is off the table), one thing that needs to be addressed are the possible innovations and inventions that spawned from the conflict so they...
  20. WotanArgead

    Soviet Victory in the Cold War: Cultural Change.

    There are many timelines dedicated to the victory of the Reds in the Cold War. All of them assess the fate of the world and humanity in different ways, but they all missed an important part of people's lives - culture (in the broadest sense of the word). In fact, many omit the "soul" of a...