1. Aurantiacis

    AHC: Folk Religion-dominant China

    So suppose Buddhism never penetrates too hard into China, instead only becoming a religious minority along the southwestern provinces. Tibet retains its ancient pre-Buddhist faith of Bod, and all the Schools of Thought continue to thrive, and so does Manichaeism. How would this (possibly...
  2. Gukpard

    How would a beyiang unified China looks like?

    Assuming the political order led by the beyiang clique, following Cao Kun 1923 constitution remains on top, would China turn out better or worse than OTL? I'm really curious because usually the discussion goes between "different shades of KMT" with another figure of the same party taking over...
  3. No World War Two Soviet Asian Offensive

    At the Tehran Conference in 1943, Stalin agreed that the Soviet Union would enter the conflict against Japan once Germany was invaded. This resulted in an offensive that started on August 9, 1945. The attack over the following three and a half weeks resulted in Soviet occupation of Manchuria...
  4. Whiteshore

    Project 571 executed: What happens next?

    Historically, Project 571 was a supposed coup attempt against Chairman Mao planned to name Lin Biao leader of the People's Republic of China, overthrowing Chairman Mao in the process, which was planned by Lin Liguo, the son of Lin Biao. However, the plot was revealed before it was to be...
  5. Whiteshore

    Mao dies in 1949-50, who succeeds him?

    In a scenario where Mao dies shortly after the proclamation of the People's Republic of China (let's say a sudden stroke or heart attack claims his life), who succeeds him as leader of the nascent People's Republic of China? How does the PRC develop without Mao's rule? What is the foreign policy...
  6. Ming Dynasty defeats Esen Choros in the Tumu Crisis

    What if the Ming Dynasty manages to repel an Oirat invasion led by Esen Choros? In OTL, the Ming lost, causing them to lose Ordos and their Emperor to the Oirat. So, was it possible for the Ming to repel the Oirat, and if so, what happens afterward?
  7. Whiteshore

    Military of a victorious KMT China?

    In a scenario where the KMT crushed the Chinese Communists in TTL's Chinese Civil War (assume there is a truncated PRC-in-Manchuria as a "reverse Taiwan" of sorts), how would the military of the Republic of China develop? What would military doctrine of the RoC military be? How would the...
  8. Who would effectively be able to lead the republic of China?

    As a continuation of this thread, where Sun Yat-Sen was blasted as incompetent for presidency of the Republic of China, who would effectively be able to take his place, if we do not count Sun Yat-Sen or Yuan Shikai?
  9. GameBawesome

    WI: 1648- The Second Three Kingdoms Period- China split into three Dynasties

    What if, in the 1640s, instead the Qing steamrolling over all of China, what if instead, the Qing were unable to conquer the rest of China, with a more stable and competent Southern Ming, and more powerful Shun Dynasty, which defeats Zhang Xianzhong, and conquers Sichuan and Tibet. By the End...
  10. Was Sun Yat-Sen a competent leader?

    I cannot seem to find any information on how Sun Yat-Sen fared as provisional president or how he would fare as president. All in all, does he have the qualities for the Presidency of the Republic of China or nah?
  11. WI German-Japanese Alliance instead of Anglo-Japanese Alliance

    So I've been thinking lately about this topic and I'd like your input. As we all know, the Anglo-Japanese Alliance was a diplomatic milestone that ended Britain's Splendid Isolation. The reason is that both signatories felt threatened by Russian expansionism in the Far East. Eventually the...
  12. The Comatose Dragon--Stunted China

    With a POD of after 1900, make China never a first-rate power afterwards. Second-rate or worse, but not a top tier economic or military power. Term comes from "sleeping dragon", and something worse than that.
  13. The Comatose Giant--China Question
    Threadmarks: China

    How could China not become a world power/be permanently stuck in the second rate or worse division? (Maybe I should move this into the post-1900s thread? Not sure about that). It's always a second-rate power? How could this be possible? "Comatose Giant" as opposed to merely a "Sleeping Giant".
  14. Latest POD for China to win the second Sino-Japanese War on their own by 1945

    So as far as I understand, China was barely holding on for the first half of the second Sino-Japanese War, and even in the second half they were not really pushing the japanese out, with operation Ichi-Go being a defeat for China and losing lots og territory. My question would be, what is the...
  15. Communist victory in China without the Soviet Union

    In many timelines you have the nationalists win the chinese civil wardue to 1945 going differently. For example not having america airlift nationalist troops into soviet occupied manchuria to be envircled by the chinese communists. This is what happened in "decisive darkness" I think. Could the...
  16. AHC: Living standards in China on par with Japan

    With a POD of whenever, your challenge is to create a scenario in which Japan and China have roughly equal levels of development and standard of living. There are some rules, however: China must be at least as developed as the modern-day Japan of OTL. China must, at the very least, control all...
  17. Frank Hart

    DBWI: No Summary Execution of Red Guards

    OTL, it's pretty much an open secret that in 1978, Deng Xiaoping ordered the summary execution of all perpetrators of the Cultural Revolution, purging just about the entire Pro-Maoist faction of the Communist Party. During the purge, official sources dictate that over 600 thousand died, while...
  18. WI: Sovjet/China breakup happens ten years earlier. What about Vietnam?

    Something I have been thinking about for years is the following. What if the China - USSR conflict which OTL began in 1969 happened 10 years earlier? Maybe do to an earlier death of Stalin? With the USSR and China locked in a bitter cold war 10 years earlier than OTL. That would mean less tech...
  19. How many people could America support?

    Despite having an area comparable to China and Europe, America has a much smaller population. I know that that is because almost all of the Natives got sick and died/were murdered. But the Question still remains: How many people could America support? I don't think we could pull China numbers...
  20. The Hawk

    America Invicta: A TL
    Threadmarks: Intro

    America Invicta: A TL What is this? The product of about three years worth of lurking and a 12 am sugar-fueled epiphany, aka, George Marshall becoming President in 1947 under a set of… violent circumstances to say the least. How long will this be? From 1947 to 2020, with a focus on American...