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    KiX-ed!: The History of Kix in America
    Threadmarks: 2017: It Begins

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GET KIX-ED! AND ANIMATED TO THE MAX WITH KIX! AND ANIMAX: SONY PICTURES LAUNCHES 2 NEW NETWORKS IN THE US [Tokyo, Japan - January 18, 2017 / Culver City, California - January 17, 2017] - Sony Pictures Television is excited to announce the launch of two of its new...
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    TL-2K23: The Official Thread
    Threadmarks: Welcome to TL-2K23!

    ............ Greetings. Welcome to my first timeline of two-thousand and twenty-three...... The theme and focus of this TL should be obvious given the title and tags. Now, without further ado. I introduce you to my newest TL: TL-2K23! So, how about we get started on this adventure...
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    More Than Meets the Eye Redux
    Threadmarks: Welcome

    This is basically a new version of this thread: The timeline's getting rebooted, so yeah...... Also, for discussion and stuff like that, this...
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    A Movement Called Animerica - An Official Timeline by Otakuninja2006

    This is my new test timeline to legitimately test out the waters and see how/what I do before going to bigger stuff. This timeline is focused on a earlier start in otaku culture in the United States of America. This will also cover the animation, broadcasting, television, gaming, children's...