1. Roosevelt

    WI: Chernobyl Thermal Explosion?

    I've been rewatching HBO's fantastic Chernobyl series and I just came to the part where they send the divers to open the valves beneath the reactor to release the water below to prevent a thermal explosion that would open the remaining reactors and send radioactive material in all directions, as...
  2. DBWI - What if the Chernobyl Steam Explosion was averted?

    Hi everyone, I know technically today is only the anniversary of the explosion of Reactor 4 at Chernobyl itself and that the steam explosion did not occur for another 2 days, but I was wondering, what do you all think would have been the consequences had it not occurred? For those who don't...
  3. Nightingale

    WI: No Chernobyl Disaster

    I just recently watched the Chernobyl miniseries. It was gut-wrenching, and to think it was way worse in real life compared to the watered-down version of the show. I did watch the Seconds from Disaster show as a kid, with the surviving people such as Yuri Korneev and Boris Stolyarchuk featured...
  4. Gukpard

    WI: Aftermate of a way worse Chernobyl desaster.

    Basically the PoD is that either Brezhnev is granted five more years of life or he notices that his time is short and appoints a hardliner with a similar mindset, that with his support manages to gather enought votes to replace him on the aftermath. When the Chernobyl desaster happens, a very...
  5. Shahanshah of Xsassa

    AHC/WI: American Chernobyl-style disaster

    With a PoD no earlier than 1933, create situation in which United States of America suffers accident similar to OTL Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Third Riech can not exist beyond 1940s in this scenario (no Nazi-victory ideas). Bonus, if it will be Graphite-moderated boiling water reactor.
  6. lerk

    AHC: Worst possible Chernobyl

    How bad could Chernobyl get?