1. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942
    Threadmarks: Munich Shuffle 1938-1942 - Hendon

    September 17th 1938 – Britain – Disaster at Hendon After the Anschluss in March of 1938 there may have been hopes that Hitler might be satisfied with his gains and concentrate on consolidating them, at least for a year or two. There was a brief panic about the possibility of a German attack on...
  2. GauchoBadger

    WI: Neville Chamberlain lives longer

    So, assume that the interwar british prime minister often blamed for giving nazi germany a jumpstart for WW2, Neville Chamberlain, does not contract cancer and lives to a riper old age beyond 71. Will he still resign from his post during WW2 or is parliamentary conservative support for him high...