celtic christianity

  1. The Hammer and the Cross (A Norse & Carolingian tl)
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    Denmark has always been on the periphery of Europe and only on a few occasions have this minor power had decisive influence on the chain of events that were to shape the fate of Europe. However one of these occasions happened in 810 and this event would reshape the entire history of Europe and...
  2. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Christians of the North: A Tale of Celtic Christianity
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    Christians of the North: A Tale of Celtic Christianity Prologue: They Are Barbarians *** Little antlered one, little belling one, melodious little bleater, sweet the lowing that you make in the glen. Apple tree, little apple tree, violently everyone shakes you. Rowan, little berried one...
  3. AHC: Celtic Christianity as a distinct church

    While Christianity in the early medieval Celtic world did have a number of distinct traditions and practices, the idea that Celtic Christianity (also known as Insular Christianity) ever formed a distinct religious organization is generally rejected by mainstream historians. This is due in large...