1. The Clown Prince's Thorned Crown- A 1970s Pop Culture Timeline

    Prologue- The 1970s were filled with many groundbreaking voices, and many of them went to do great work in their respective fields. The entertainment industry was no different. By the time that it concluded, arguably more transformations had happened in Hollywood over the past decade, than...
  2. Duke Andrew of Dank

    What actors/celebrities would you save from an early death and why?

    Simple enough. List any actor you would save from dying too soon, and a reason why.
  3. Be Like Mike

    November 1, 2001: Illinois State Senator Barack Obama announces that he will seek the Democratic nomination for Governor of Illinois. He is expected to face minimal opposition. November 5, 2002: Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Paul Vallas are elected the next Governor and Lieutenant...
  4. A Bird in the Hand

    November 11, 1989: Indiana Pacers legend Larry Bird announces that he will not return for the 1990 season. January 11, 1990: The reason for Larry Bird's resignation from the Indiana Pacers is made obvious. He announces that he will seek the Democratic nomination for the position of U.S...