1. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    Plausibility Check: Could A Slightly More Successful Bay of Pigs Resulted in a Operation: Powerpack style of intervention? Or Would It Be Impractical

    Everyone who is reading this should have a general understanding about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, about how a force of anti-Communist Cuban exiles were trained by the Central Intelligence Agency and were sent to topple the regime under Fidel Castro only for it to become a fiasco and the aftermath...
  2. The Four Horsemen: the Nuclear Apocalypse of 1962
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The Four Horsemen: the Nuclear Apocalypse of 1962 Prologue Fortunately for a generation of post-war historians seeking to explain how World War III came about, there is a fairly abundant amount of sources available. This may seem surprising given the enormous amount of devastation inflicted by...
  3. WI: No Bay of Pigs Invasion

    What if, instead of organizing a rag-tag group of Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro, either Eisenhower or Kennedy recognizes the scheme won't work and they shut down the invasion plans? Would Castro still become a Communist and move into the Soviet sphere of influence? How would...
  4. Cuba Successfully Spreads Communism

    How could Cuba successfully spread communism to Africa and/or Latin America? Maybe with the help of Che Guevara? I play as Cuba in a alt-history community and i got Che Guevara to be trained by the East German Stasi after the revolution, so Che might be better at the whole revolution thing.
  5. Chapman

    WI US Invasion of Cuba, 1963?

    I've posted various questions relating to this subject before, but here i'm looking more for the military aspects of the question. For a TL i'm currently working on, I have the JFK assassination going differently. Rather than Lee Harvey Oswald being determined (officially) to be a lone wolf...
  6. A successful Bay of Pigs

    I have discovered this great forum recently. After reading a few of the great timelines created here I decided to start my own timeline at some point in the future (despite my insufficient english). My favorite period of history is the Cold War and I really like the idea of creating "my" Cold...
  7. Gentleman Biaggi

    No Eisenhower | A wikibox timeline (Redux)

    You're back here again? <pulls himself up from the ground> Sigh, yes What's this your 1,000,000,000th TL? Give or take You need to make a promise Sigh, If I don't complete this, I won't make another timeline outside of Shared Worlds Now that that's in order, don't f**k this up I probably will...