1. Viability of a Spanish march/province on southern France

    Greetings, albeit being a longtime lurker on this forum, this is my first post. I hope i can stay as a active member for a long time. Anyways, lets say that Castile or Aragon manage to conquer Gascony or Languedoc on the XV or XVI century or inherit them, although probably this requires an...
  2. GameBawesome

    WI: John, Prince of Asturias has a surviving daughter?

    John, Prince of Asturias was the son of Isebella I of Castille and Ferdinand II of Aragon. He was the heir the Crowns of Aragon & Castille, and was married to Margaret of Austria. However, John had a fragile health and an unexpected wrench was thrown into the mix when John died in 1497 at age...
  3. John of Gaunt's Castillian Adventure Succeeds

    John of Gaunt has always struck me as an interesting, educated and intensely ambitious man, so what if his ambitions for Castille were rewarded, and he managed to successfully place his wife Constanza on the Castillian throne? No doubt having an English-alligned Castille would prove a big...
  4. GameBawesome

    WI: Joanna the Mad dies of childbirth in 1500

    In 1500, in Ghent, Charles V was born, who would become Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Spain, controlling the largest domain, which included the newly conquered Americas. His father was Philip the Handsome, a German prince who married the Joanna I, daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and...
  5. What if there was a union between Portugal-Castille instead of Castille-Aragon?

    Basically, I’m thinking of the changes in history if the marriage between Isabel I of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon did not happen and instead she married either Afonso V or John II of Portugal, leading to a dynastic union between those two realms. I've read some threads here about this...
  6. kasumigenx

    Espanha: a Castillan-Portuguese timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    On December of 1461, Charles, Prince of Viana would recover from a bout of poisoning and would marry Madeleine of France, his former betrothed Catherine of Portugal would be forced to go to a nunnery due to this and the King of Aragon would be a puppet of the French when he rose to the crown in...
  7. Sevarics

    WI: De Hauteville / Altavilla Castille?

    IOTL, Alfonso VI was succeeded in Castille-Leon by his eldest daughter Urraca who had a son, Alfonso VII, and daughter with Raymond d’Ivrea, starting the Ivrea and later Trastamara dynasties in Iberia. But, Alfonso VI had several other daughters. The next eldest was Elvira, who would go on to...
  8. Lepoofoster

    hello im current working on a iberia timeline and kinda need help

    I'm current working on a post-middle age independent,when is castile and aragon don't remain united after Ferdinand and Isabella i'm current looking a flag and a map for Aragon and castille. their state are Castilian Confederation and the Republic of Aragon il would be apperciate to see any...
  9. ALF0N53

    DBWI: León joined Castille & Aragon

    How would Iberian history turn out if the Kingdom of León (plus Galicia) gets tied to Castille & Aragon (let's say the union with Aragon still pushed through) instead of remaining its own state?
  10. What if the Iberian Wedding never happened?

    The Iberian Wedding between The Crown of Castile and The Crown of Aragon (Aragon and Naples) unified Iberia and practically made Spain the super power it was. Without this marriage, the course of history would have been significantly changed. Without a unified Iberia, would Aragon conquer...
  11. Crying

    AHC: Castille-screw

    Any POD you want, any time period, any degree of screwing, etc... it's all your choice, just fuck up Castille somehow. I was hoping that this would end up with a bunch of languages/Spanish-dialects that were marginalized and replaced with Castillian OTL surviving (because what Spain needs is...
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: no Portugal, bigger León instead

    Suppose that Afonso I of Portugal loses the Battle of São Marmede (1128 AD) and, thus, never forms Portugal as an independent country. How could this affect the makeup of the iberian christian kingdoms? Would Castile and León remain separate?
  13. kasumigenx

    La Beltraneja Triumphant

    La Beltraneja Triumphant On 1468, a young successor to the Duchy of Burgundy and the Low Countries is born, however a lot of changes would happen in Europe due to the birth of this baby. NOTE This is a La Beltraneja and Yorkist Timeline as you have read before, I did not like the original...