1. JG Online

    The HEART Development and Core Thread

    As it stands the M-BAM is a 112.6 megapixel base map used by some people here, it was made and developed on this forum in and since December 2015, M-BAM is an abbrivation for MEGA-Big Associated Map, named by yours truly, one of the original developers of that map :) M-BAM itself is an 3 times...
  2. DJjablonski

    Mapmaking Advice, Tips, and Tricks thread

    As the title says, a thread for anything from your whole mapping how to, to just the little tips and tricks you use to make the process a little easier. To start the whole bit off, I'll give a little trick I use frequently: Let's say your coming up with town/city names for some sort of...
  3. Request Maps/Flags/Coats of Arms/Heraldry here, II

    Here is the new Map and Flag Request Thread II. The old thread, posted in 2012(!), has now reached 500 pages. This is the old thread And these are the revised rules and some helpful links:
  4. Alternative Map of the World

  5. A Wider Atlantic, A More Southern Australia

    The map we'll be using for this question is this: This is for an alternate Earth project that I've been working on. If you find the map overly detailed, let me explain. I use Photoshop, so the political and subpolitical boundaries are the perfect template for me to flood or dry up certain...
  6. FancyHat's Map Thread

    Well, since I make maps and I like posting works in progress, I thought I may as well not clog up the actual Map Thread and post things here instead.
  7. WotanArgead

    I want to create a fantasy world.

    Ladies, gentlemen, comrades, good day-time. I'm working on a fantasy setting, but I haven't abilities to cartography. And to be quite frank, even poorly developed my understanding of the geography of the world. I would be glad if someone offers me his help.
  8. Map Thread XIV

    I noticed the map thread is pretty much full, so I'll do you guys a favor and put this up. Link to the previous thread: Map Thread XIII
  9. Witch0Winter

    Witch0Winter's Artwork

    Yay, I have my own art thread now. Mostly gonna be maps. In fact, almost all maps. Enjoy. The Nation of Brotherly Love: 1808 The basic premise is that Philadelphia, rather than Washington D.C., becomes the nation's capital and largest city by the present day, leading a very pro-British and...