1. From Cape Tiburon to Cape Samaná - A United Hispaniola Timeline
    Threadmarks: 1. Background, Saint-Domingue Before the Revolution

    From Cape Tiburon to Cape Samaná - A United Hispaniola Timeline Foreword From a young age, the story of Haiti fascinated me, a republic of slaves who broke the shackles of the French Empire, and seized their freedom. Unfortunately, such idyllic romanticized scenarios of a republic of...
  2. Oth Thakom

    Beyond Vinland

    Beyond Vinland is an Alternate History Project created on the Whatifalthist discord server where the focus is on the butterfly effect from Iceland's independence after a lightning strikes and burns down a Church in the year 1000, influencing Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi's decision regarding the...
  3. AHC: have the Republic of Pirates survive

    Between 1706 and 1718 the Bahamas acted as a lose confederacy of pirates run by an informal pirate code and acting as the defector ruling class of the region. The challenge is to simply have the Republic of Pirates survive at least for a few more decades while still having pirates or something...
  4. WI: Spanish Caribbean as a United Country This idea had been around since around the Dominican War of Independence from Haiti. What if the 10 Years’ War coincided with the Dominican Restoration War and a Puerto Rican revolt and successfully won and unified as a nation. What would...
  5. TripleCitizen

    WI 1970 Black Power Revolution in Trinidad and Tobago succeeds

    Basic Background Information Short summary being that in the 1960s after independence, economic recession, high unemployment that was even higher among youths and Afro Trinidadians feeling disenfranchised by the government, tensions...
  6. Does an English Mexico and Carribean develop a slave economy or no ?

    I wanted to branch off in a new thread similar to the one previously made but from a topic that was not exactly covered: slavery, specifically the development of a plantation economy or a mecantilist economy. Would England send in families or single men ? Would there even be a plantation economy...
  7. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: Communist Cuba fell with the Soviets

    What changes would happen to Cuba? Clearly there would likely be a few for the better. But what?
  8. GameBawesome

    The CSA and Filibusters

    A common trend I see in Threads about the Confederate States of America, is that they couldn't conquer any neighboring countries because they're too poor and undeveloped to do so. That is possibly true. But there was something called Filibusters, American citizens who fomented insurrections in...
  9. GameBawesome

    AH Challenge: Wank Republic of Pirates

    In the early 18th century, there was something called the Republic of Pirates, it promptly ended when Woodes Roger landed in Nassau and reestablished British rule The challenge is to create a scenario, with the Republic of Pirates become an...
  10. dianaswordofsappho

    AHC:Canadian Caribbean?

    So after 1900 how likely is it for the Canadians to gain some holdings in the Carribean? Any pod after 1900 works just fine .
  11. AHC: The British West Indies joins in on the American Revolution

    I challenge you to find a way to get the British West Indies join the American Revolution on the side of the US. Remember, one of the islands (Nevis) faced food shortages due to the war. So, that probably created some anti-American sentiment. Is there anyway to get the islands to join the US...