1. Kurd Gossemer

    France gets Burgundian Inheritance, what now?

    The question is simple, basically France is capable of acquiring the whole of the Burgundian Inheritance, either via Mary of Burgundy being born later and being wed to Charles VIII of France or the French having success in conquering it fully from the Austrians or maybe Charles the Bold is...
  2. Zestinobambino

    A Second White Rose - Edmund, Earl of Rutland Survives
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue A map of Europe in 1460, before the Battle of Wakefield in northern England. This map therefore shows Europe as it was before ANY butterflies are released. Screenshot is from The History of Europe: Every Year (timestamp 8:58). Credit to the YouTuber Cottereau for the excellent video...
  3. Walking on the Silver Line: A Valois-Bourgogne TL

    It's time for the long awaited (hopefully) rewrite of my original TL, Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL. The first chapter will be posted soon.
  4. Lancastrian Burgundy?

    If John, Duke of Bedford had surviving issue with Anne of Burgundy, and some extremely bad luck befalls Mary, Duchess of Cleves such that she has no surviving issue, and Philip the Good and Charles the Bold die at some fortuitous date for the Lancasters could they inherit Burgundy?
  5. Kingdom-Building: A Valois-Bourgogne TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Birth of Philip IV of Burgundy

    "Anne of Beaujeu, any good historian says she was the power behind the throne and the reason that the kingdom came to be, but we should not neglect the contributions of the three dukes who laid the foundations for the Burgundian Kingdom." -Josh Tucker (Side note: This man has a really good...
  6. Mary of Burgundy born male?

    I've thought about this for a while, but I have been preoccupied with other TL's to focus on it, but now I've found time to discuss this. What if Mary of Burgundy (Philip of Burgundy after his grandfather in this TL) was born a male instead of a girl? One thing that would obviously change is...
  7. kasumigenx

    The monk’s web - Second Crusade Occitan timeline
    Threadmarks: A change of plans or a change of heart

    On 1145, Louis VII would decide not to do a crusade unless he has a male heir and focused on siring a male heir before he would join the crusade which is known in history as the Second Crusade, what Louis would do instead is to suggest Innocent II to annul the marriage of Constance of France and...
  8. WI: Margaret of York has a son

    In OTL, Margaret of York, daughter of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville had a childless marriage with Charles the Bold. But what if Margaret had given birth to a son in 1473, named Phillip (after Charles' father). What would be the butterflies of this occurrence...
  9. RedKing

    WI: Maximilian I dies in 1478?

    As the tin says, what if Maximilian Habsburg died in 1478 shortly after the birth of his son Philip? Obviously, Mary of Burgundy is going to remarry asap since she needs a powerful husband to help defend Burgundy from France but to whom? All of Edward IV’s brothers are married and his Woodville...
  10. No Jagiellonian inheritance; alternate division of Habsburg realms

    I'm currently trying to explore a scenario inwhich Louis II of Hungary doesn't die at the Battle of Mohács. Putting aside the exact developments concerning Hungary itself, what I wish to discuss here is the potential butterflies West of the Leitha. This is what I settled on so far: Margaret of...
  11. Zestinobambino

    The Burgundy-Naples Alliance

    Mary the Rich (1457 - 1482) was probably the wealthiest heiress of her time. As the only child of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, Mary was the heir to the Duchy of Burgundy and all the lands that her father and grandfather had acquired, including most of the Netherlands. Naturally, that...
  12. PC: Philip the Good marries Isabella of Lorraine

    EDIT: after some delibiration I have decided to make this thread Plausibility Check instead of What If as it originally was. Probably the updated describtion fits much better to what I want this thread to be compared to the original one. Disclaimer 1: the idea of the PoD does not belong to me...
  13. A Portuguese TL, So tem um Deus. Portugal Inherits. Burgundy...

    CHAPTER 1 The Marriage. The Young Prince of Portugal, Joao II is still waiting for him to suceed his father, he has alot of plans with the nation of Portugal. He bravely joined his Father in the campaign in Morocco against Arzilha and is ready to become King of Portugal when its needed. His...
  14. The Gybson Boy

    A Big and Happy Spanish Habsburg Family: Charles V and Isabella of Portugal has 13 children
    Threadmarks: Charles V and Isabella of Portugal Children

    A strange situation of the Habsburg brothers, Charles V and Ferdinand I is that while Charles V and his wife Isabella of Portugal had only three surviving children, Ferdinand I and Anna of Bohemia and Hungary had thirteen children, all of whom reached adulthood, which what would happen if...
  15. eliamartin65

    Snapshots from Other Worlds
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Inspired by @isabella's Scenes from Other Worlds thread, this will be a repository for family trees and snippets from possible TLs. The ideas presented here may or may not be expanded into full TLs. Enjoy.
  16. The Kingdom of Lorraine

    What if Charles the Bold had more than one daughter by Isabella of Bourbon? In particular what if Mary of Burgundy had an older sister and so was not her father‘s heiress presumptive?
  17. What if the Habsburgs didn't inherit Spain and Bohemia-Hungary?

    As you all know, the Habsburgs sold their soul to the devil to roll nat 20s in the 15th and early 16th century which got them Burgundy, Spain and Bohemia&Hungary. Now what if they only inherited Burgundy but not the others? This can be achieved survive by having Joannas brother John or Miguel...
  18. eliamartin65

    PC: Charles the Bold's niece as Duchess of Burgundy in 1477

    Hello everyone! I'm here with a plausibility check on the following scenario: A hypothetical niece of Charles the Bold (whom I've taken the liberty to named Emma, after an old Queen of the Franks) becomes Duchess of Burgundy. So, Philip III of Burgundy and Isabella of Portugal have more kids...
  19. RedKing

    WI: Henry VII’s lifespan was as long as his mother’s

    On this day, Henry VII passed away at the age of 52. He was succeeded by his son, Henry VIII who broke his betrothal to Eleanor of Austria and married Catherine of Aragon instead. As we all know, this led to the King’s Great Matter and the split between the Church of England and the Catholic...
  20. FernandoPerla

    Burgundian State

    How you picture a Burgundian state, composed of French, Walloon and Flemish people, nowadays?