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    Legacy of the Bull Moose; A Wikibox Timeline
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    Welcome to 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' a timeline I hate rebooting but feel myself constantly going back to. Legacy of the Bull Moose is a timeline in which Theodore Roosevelt is elected in 1912 under the Progressive ticket. While rather improbable and I would say generally unlikely I chose a PoD...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose (A What If Scenario if Theodore Roosevelt won in 1912)
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    October 16, 1909 A day that would leave in its wake 4 years of chaos at home in the U.S. and many years of chaos in Mexico. The first time a United States president would visit Mexico, with an end result flaring the tensions between the two nations drastically. A monumentous occassion, but that...

    Legacy of the Bull Moose - "What if Theodore Roosevelt won the 1912 Election?" (Has been Rebooted)
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    The goal of this thread is to show off maps, (mostly) wikiboxes, and articles from the World of 'Legacy of the Bull Moose' where Theodore Roosevelt against all odds wins the Republican Presidential Nomination in 1912 and becomes the 28th President beating Democrat Champ Clark. Discussion in...
  4. Duke Andrew of Dank

    My own US TL Planning Thread

    Simply put, I have been pondering several ideas for a USA TL timeline of my own. So far, I intend to include: - Racial Integration happening in the 1800s. - The British Empire evolving in to the Commonwealth sooner than OTL. - An alternate World War 1 with the US entering sooner. - A possible...
  5. Goweegie2

    A Post-Valkist World - Führerreich to the Present Day
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    This thread is going to be a collection of maps, infoboxes (mostly infoboxes), and other graphics from a disorganized continuation of the Führerreich timeline I'm doing. This will work in the same way to @Kanan's excellent timeline on this forum, as well as @Planita13's equally excellent...
  6. Rorke

    A Bull Moose in Office

    I am starting a TL about what if Roosevelt won in 1912 and brought the US into WWI early.