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  2. WI: Thatcher lost reelection in 1983?

    A bit of a long shot, but why not? What if Margaret Thatcher didn't win reelection for the Tories over in 1983? Let's say the Falklands War doesn't occur and the economy doesn't recover. And then what?
  3. No Lib-Lab Pact: A British Politics TL
    Threadmarks: James Callaghan (1976-1977)

    James Callaghan (Labour 1976-77) The early months of 1977 were terrible ones for the Labour government. Only months earlier the Callaghan had faced the humiliation of going to the IMF for a loan, the conditions of which required the Chancellor Denis Healey to announce significant cuts in public...
  4. UK General Election in 1938-39?

    Reading Nick Smart's The National Government 1931-40, in the wave of optimism that followed the signing of the Munich Agreement Neville Chamberlain seriously considered calling a snap General Election, and both the press and Labour Party expected him to call a snap poll within months. Eventually...
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    A reboot of Holiday in the Malvinas Table of Contents: Introduction/Prolouge Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part VIV Part IX Part X
  6. Anthony Crossland and the SDP

    Hey everybody. Ive recently been researching on Anthony Crossland, who was a prominent figure in the Labour Party, aligning himself on the Social Democratic wing of the organisation, considered a potential future leader before his tragic unforeseeable death in 1977. Having died a few years prior...
  7. Let Us Win Through Together [Redux]: A British Politics TL
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    Introduction Today marks the 71st anniversary of the 1950 general election, one of the most significant of the post war period. Although there was no change of government, a strong swing towards the Conservatives almost wiped out Labour's landslide majority of 1945, and made Labour's eventual...
  8. Holiday in the Malvinas: A 80s British TL
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    THE BIRTH OF THE SDP The Social Democratic Party (SDP) was founded in 1981 by four senior Labour Party moderates, dubbed the "Gang of Four," as a reaction to what they perceived as the Labour Party's domination by leftists and trade-union representatives catalysed by the election of the...
  9. Time Enough

    Days Like These: A Late 80s Labour Timeline
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    “These are the basic Socialist values and principles – individual liberty, equality, citizenship, the diffusion of power, the importance of collective and social action…these principles may not have the satisfying certainty of Marxist analysis, nor may they constitute quite the same stirring...
  10. Let Us Win Through Together: A British Politics Wikibox tl
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The 1950 general election

    Let Us Win Through Together a British Politics Wikibox tl by gaitskellitebevanite Chapter 1 Labour’s victory in the June 1950 election is now considered a foregone conclusion, but Labour was not always likely to win a second term. Opinion polls through 1948 and 1949 were bleak...
  11. Orchard

    The Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland- A British Political Timeline

    The Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Since the death of Diana and the notable lack of reaction from the royal family, republicanism had been on a rapid rise in the UK. In October 1998, a BBC poll suggested that more than a third of the british people wanted the abolition of the...
  12. Orchard

    A Firm Hand- A British Political Timeline

    A Firm Hand 1974 saw a rather unremarkable General Election in January, with Ted Heath leading the Conservatives to re election. The Conservatives gained seven seats, going up to 337, while Wilson’s Labour Party dropped by 20 to 268. Labour lost the majority of there lost seats to the Tories...
  13. What if the Brexit Party won the Peterborough By-Election

    When Labour MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya was convicted for preventing the course of justice in retaliation to a motering offence in 2017, she was expelled from the Labour party. A recall petition was passed in her constituency, triggering a by-election to determine the new MP for...
  14. "The Commonwealth of Britain" - Republican UK Wikibox TL

    During my first year at University one of my projects was to design a dream constitution/political system. I held onto it and over the years I was thinking about what the UK would look like with my magic constitution. The result was this TL. 1999, New Alliances President Blair's already...
  15. Working Together for Britain: A different world
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    What is this? This thread follows an POD where the SDP/Liberal Alliance is never formed as well as Thatcher doesn't see the boost from the fact that there is no Falklands war. Is this just on the UK? For now: yes. However I'm pretty sure it won't stay that way for a long amount of time, and yes...
  16. Amadeus

    Could the British Tories Have Possibly Won in 1945?

    The British Election of 1945 is one of the most famous upsets in political history: despite Winston Churchill's popularity the Tories lost in a landslide. Was there any way the Tories could've won in 1945?
  17. Amadeus

    DBWI: The UK Tories Win in 1992

    As expected, the 1992 UK election resulted in a hung parliament with Labour holding the most seats. But what if John Major had been able to pull off an upset and the Tories had won in 1992?
  18. VadisDeProfundis

    AHQ: Effects of No British Participation in Iraq on British Politics

    The Iraq War seems to me to have profoundly affected the British political landscape, mainly to the effect of boosting the Liberal Democrats while weakening the Labour Party, and Tony Blair himself. How would recent British political history have played out, had Blair decided against following...
  19. House of Orange

    Leader of Britain w/o Lloyd George?

    Lloyd George was undoubtedly one of the most important British prime ministers in the 20th century, leading the Wartime Coalition government and leading his country to victory in World War I. In addition, he was already a powerful figure in British politics by the time he became prime minister...
  20. WI: Enoch Powell stands for UKIP

    An interesting footnote of British politics is that, during the party's early days, the leadership of UKIP maintained a correspondence with the then-retired Enoch Powell. These letters were published by The Telegraph several years ago (see here), and one letter featured an offer for Powell to...