1. Sarthak Bikram Panta

    A New Britain - An Alternate Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Chapter 1 In the mid-1920s Britain was an evolving country. The great war had brought about the end of old attitudes and had brought forth a better, and equal British society. But despite this, politicians and nationalists were not happy, not in the least. British economy was no longer the...
  2. AHC/PC: Divided Britain

    Scenario: Great Britain goes Fascist/Communist, starts a World War and gets defeated/ The island is carved up between the USA and Germany. How plausible would a North/South Britain division be? What would their governments look like? What would the border look like?
  3. WI: Brigantes remain as client to Rome. Effects on post-Roman Britain?

    Instead of being conquered by Rome as a consequence of a dynastic struggle in 70 CE, suppose the Brigantes tribe remains a loyal Roman client until Rome withdraws from Britain entirely. This tribe occupied perhaps the largest territory in pre-conquest Britain, in what is generally referred to...
  4. Sarthak Bikram Panta

    Britannia Rules All-An Alternate Timeline

    Chapter 1 - Begginnings The Year is 1952. The World is embroiled in a war of ideological clashes. Old powers decline and new ones take their place. Or at least, that's current trend. One old power however remains adamant in retaining its position on the world stage. The United Kingdom...
  5. Tuyuko

    Trotsky's Legacy - An alternate history where the Soviet Union wins the cold war

    I made a timeline in which the Soviet Union wins the cold war. The PoD happens in August 1918. In our timeline, Vladimir Lenin was shot after giving a public speech. However, in this timeline he manages to dodge the bullet. Because Lenin never gets shot, he lives long enough to kick Stalin out...
  6. KingOnTheEdge

    AHC: French Cascadia

    Your challenge is to make this region a french territory instead of Russo/British/American, with a POD after the seven year's war. Bonus if they keep it until ttl's decolonization
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    WI: Henry VIII Born A Girl?

    OTL, Henry VIII was one of the most influential kings of England, even if he wasn't meant to reign, as Arthur died early. But what if the lucky boy was born a girl? With Arthur dead and three girls, Henry VII has no clear successor, and unlike Henry, probably can't just make his own religion...
  8. What if Edward I integrated scotland in the same manner as he integrated wales into the kingdom of england?

    Let's say Edward the first won a decisive victory against the Scottish rebels and decided to incorporate Scotland instead of putting a puppet king on the Scottish throne, what would be the consequences? Would England focus less on continental affairs than otl? Would he decided to declare the...
  9. Development of Royal Navy battleships without Naval Arms Race or even WWI?

    As the title says, how would the Royal Navy battleship develop without the Anglo-German naval arms race or even WWI? Say the Germans concentrate more on their Army, modernising their fleet but not attempting to challenge the RN? I’m assuming Dreadnought would still be built and all-big gun...
  10. GauchoBadger

    AHC: Quaker Britain

    Britain is rather officially Anglican (though with religious tolerance enshrined into law), and i've seen people occasionally create timelines and scenarios whereas Britain stays in the Catholic fold from the 16th century on in, or breaks with "crown religion" altogether under a surviving...
  11. kasumigenx

    Renascimento – A Portuguese TL
    Threadmarks: Treaty of Lisbon

    Renascimento – A Portuguese TL Treaty of Lisbon Freepedia Treaty of Lisbon The fundamental terms of the treaty were: -The Spanish Habsburgs finally recognized the legitimacy of the Braganza dynasty in Portugal. Infanta Catarina, Duchess of Braganza (1540–1614), former Duchess of Braganza...
  12. KingOnTheEdge

    Dbahc: ireland stays Catholic

    Otl, Ireland and Irish protestantism are very complicated. Up north you have more anglicans loyal to Britain, and in the south, you have a sort of Celtic revivalist religion. While the south isnt agitating for separation from Britain, it is more nationalistic than the rest of the empire, with...
  13. DBWI: Yamato Dynasty Survives World War II

    The Japanese Imperial Family was abolished after Japan surrendered to the allied powers at the very end of the Second World War. This was a major stumbling block during the negotiations and caused some serious setbacks and stumbling blocks for negotiatiors on both sides. In fact originally...
  14. KingOnTheEdge

    DBAHC: Create This British Empire

    Found a hilarious britwank. Anyway we could get something like it otl?
  15. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: Oregon Joins The US?

    ooc: when i say oregon, what this means is the oregon country not the state or even the territory as it lost BC. IC: OTL, Oregon and the US have... a complicated history. The US and Britain both wanted the region, but by playing them off each other (and occasionally other powers like mexico or...
  16. Aloha

    AHC/PC - Germany/Russia/China vs USA/UK/Japan

    Challenge here is to create a WW2 where the great land powers of Germany, Russia and China fight the great maritime powers of USA, UK and Japan. Basically an Elephant vs a Whale. What happens in this war and who wins?
  17. Appo

    Ways to make America lose the War of Independence.

    In your opinion, what are some of the best divergences/scenarios that would make the Americans losing the War of Independence likely.
  18. Have Thailand be partitioned between Britain and France as colonies POD 1825-1914

    The Point of Divergence is 1825 AD and you have to achieve the goal before 1914 AD. Your goal here is to have Thailand be Partitioned between Britain and France as a part of their colonial empire rather then a buffer state like our Timeline. Will the French add East Thailand to French Indochina...
  19. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: No German Revolution/Restoration?

    OTL, german communists briefly took over the weimar republic in late 1930, as the depression entrenched itself. However, when the quality of life still struggled, people of faith were being persecuted, and Stalin seemed bent on making them a puppet state. Cue General Rommel in 1931, initiating a...
  20. KingOnTheEdge

    Could The Norman Conquest Be Undone?

    1066. The french duke of Normandy has just become William the Conqueror and the kings of england would continue to be ethnically and culturally french till at least the 100 years war. But could a native anglo-saxon come to power after him? What would some impacts be of this brief invasion?