brazilian empire

  1. Incanian

    The Want for a Pineapple (A Brazilian empire timeline)

    During the Napoleonic wars, When Napoleon invaded Iberia, the Portuguese Royal family fled to Brazil. After the Napoleonic wars ended, and Portugal became independent again, the Royal family actually stayed in Brazil for a few more years, until the Portuguese public wanted them to come back to...
  2. Kaiser of Brazil

    O Herdeiro do Império -A Timeline of a surviving Brazilian Empire
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    1/09/1850 The Heir of the Brazilian empire, Pedro Alfonso, a little boy of only a year old, was in a deep fever. The Emperor Dom Pedro II lost his firstborn son 3 years ago and he cloudnt bear with the death of his other male son, otherwise his fears that the monarchy wouldn't outlive him would...
  3. thezerech

    What if the Brazilian Republican coup d'etat fails?

    What if the Republican coup of 1889 fails? Pedro II is not long for the world as he was already very old, how would Gaston d'Orleans reign as Emperor Consort? Assuming the Brazil can maintain her track record of stability and economic growth how high can the Brazilian Empire aspire too? Already...