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  1. WI: The Seymour Expedition reached Peking?

    What if Adm. Edward Seymour and his regiment of 2,100 men reached Peking? In this ATL, Seymour decides that waiting for the repairs of the railway would take too long and the legations might be overrrun by the time the expedition reach towards the Chinese capital. Instead, he decides to have his...
  2. Cinco de Mayo
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    Cinco de Mayo (Source: Wikipedia) (2022 Turtledove Winner - Best Colonialism and Revolutions Timeline) Table of Contents Part I: Point of Divergence (May 5, 1862-1864) Part II: Redrawing the Map (1865-67) Part III: An Age of Questions (1868-77) Part IV: The Liberal Ascendancy (1878-89)...