1. CountofDooku

    Our Soviet Union (USSR)
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Death of Lenin

    Chapter One: Death of Lenin Born out of the ashes of the Russian Civil War in 1922, the Soviet Union was shaken by the Death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924 that ended the federal Leninist one-party socialist republic under Lenin’s totalitarian dictatorship and left many to wonder, what would come...
  2. What happens to the Bolshevik revolution without Iron Felix?

    So, Felix Dzerzhinsky, famous as the founder of the KGB, was not initially planning on staying in Russia. After he was freed from prison in the aftermath of the February Revolution, he went to Moscow with the plan of organizing some fellow Poles and to go help the revolution then going on in...
  3. DBWI: Ioseb Jughashvili the Marxist

    Ioseb Jughashvili is widely considered to have been one of the most important religious leaders of the 20th century. But his life could very easily have taken a different path. While many have speculated how things might have changed had he decided to focus on becoming a poet, I'm going to take...
  4. CHKeeley

    Lenin's "Circulatory Disturbance of the Brain" - What if Ilyich lived longer?

    Earlier today, after having finished Victor Sebestyen’s biography of Lenin, I was curious as to why Lenin died at a relatively young age compared to others like Stalin (74); I stumbled across some articles and a paper from 2012 that concludes with some certainty that Ulyanov died from a rare...
  5. GohanLSSJ2

    PC: SR Russia and Bolshevik Ukraine or Belarus

    How plausible would it be for the Socialist Revolutionaries to successfully win the Russian Revolution, while the Bolsheviks, while beaten, are not decisively destroyed amd entrench themselves on Ukraine or Belarus or another important but not quite central piece of the former Russian Empire?