1. Could the Bolsheviks remain democratic through the RCW?

    One of the debates that I've seen about the Bolsheviks is about how much of their degeneration into authoritarianism and brutality was a result of their pre-existing ideology, and how much of it was due to the brutalization of the RCW. I've seen some people argue that degeneration was inevitable...
  2. WI: The Russian Constituent Assembly isn't abolished?

    On November 25th 1917 Russia held what is generally considered to be it's first free election (though some districts held theirs around two months later) when 46m Russians cast their vote for the Russian Constituent Assembly. The results were as followed... 767 seats total. 384 needed for a...
  3. The Aisin-Gioro Romanov Marriage and the Sino-Soviet War

    I am happy to say that I am almost at the conclusion of my alternate Qing timeline. I have basically reached a part that I don't know if I want to include in the timeline, but would be fun to share. Before we get to the main subject, let me give a brief summery of what happens prior. In 1875...
  4. WI: Vladimir Lenin lives to at least 1945

    What if Vladimir Lenin hadn't died in his fifties and had survived to at least 75? How might him living longer have changed the course of history?
  5. ETGalaxy

    AHC: Anarchist victory in the Russian Civil War

    A conflict that has always fascinating me is the Russian Civil War, and this is in no small part due to the diverse array of factions and ideologies that existed alongside the larger Red and White armies. Among these smaller factions that interest me the most were the short-lived anarchist...
  6. AHC: The Russian Revolution of February 1917 is crushed by alied soldiers who were told that the revolutionaries were aiding Germany.

    I had this idea since high school. Back when I was going through a Russian Empire phase.
  7. DBWI: Ioseb Jughashvili the Marxist

    Ioseb Jughashvili is widely considered to have been one of the most important religious leaders of the 20th century. But his life could very easily have taken a different path. While many have speculated how things might have changed had he decided to focus on becoming a poet, I'm going to take...
  8. GauchoBadger

    WI: Ottoman defeat at the Battle of Baku (1918)

    I was watching a new episode from the Youtube The Great War series, which led me to this scenario. The Battle of Baku, right at the end of World War I's Caucasian Campaign, was a rather fierce engagement between the forces of the Ottoman Empire's Army of Islam on one side, and a coalition...
  9. Whiteshore

    AHC: Russian Civil War ends in stalemate

    With a POD after the October Revolution, your challenge is to come up with a scenario where the Russian Civil War ends in a stalemate with neither the Reds nor the Whites winning the Russian Civil War with a "Two Russias" situation developing.