1. bennymaker

    Shamans: An Alternate Take of Tite Kubo's Masterpiece

    In an alternate history, Tite Kubo debuted "Shamans" in 1999, introducing a world where the spiritual and physical realms intersected. Amongst the myriad characters emerged Ringo Takahashi, a fiery-haired youth blessed with the ability to perceive spirits and the malevolent entities known as...
  2. bennymaker

    Sunlands inspirations

    Need some help Trivia: it'll still be initially a Monster/Villain of the week manga first and foremost by the way
  3. bennymaker

    Sunlands: Noriaki Kubo's Big Break
    Threadmarks: The Author

    A alternative history about a mangaka named Atsushi Ookubo creating Sunlands