1. Friedrich der Große

    A Better Netherlands

    What if the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive in 1830 because there is no revolution. How would the development of the UKN have gone? How would the French minority in the country have been integrated into the kingdom, would the Constitution of Thorbecke still be there?. Would the...
  2. Friedrich der Große

    WW1, but No Belgium

    What if in an alternate timeline, The Netherlands kept Belgium because there is no Belgian Revolution in 1830. I think that in this case, it is reasonable to assume that World War One would still happen: Franz Ferdinand is still killed in 1914 and the Great Powers like Germany, France and Russia...
  3. Friedrich der Große

    Belgium attacks The Netherlands

    The Belgian crown prince Leopold, who later became king Leopold II, had serious plans to invade The Netherlands in the 1850s and 1860s. In OTL, they were never realized. But what if in an alternate timeline, Belgium really attacked The Netherlands in let we say….. 1855?
  4. Friedrich der Große

    Luxembourg stays Dutch

    In 1890, the Dutch king William III died. William III was King of the Netherlands, but also Grand Duke of Luxembourg. William III’s daughter Wilhelmina succeeded her father as Queen of the Netherlands, but not as Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, because only men were able to became Grand Duke of...
  5. Friedrich der Große

    A Dutch Germany

    What if in an alternate timeline, the Netherlands got not only Belgium and Luxembourg in 1815 during the Congress of Vienna, but the Rhineland too. ATTENTION: I am not asking for a discussion about ‘they would never get the Rhineland’ or something like that. I am only asking for: WHAT IF the...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    No Belgium

    After the defeat of Napoleon in 1814/1815, the Great Powers of Europe decided that the Netherlands, Belgium ánd Luxemburg would become 1 country, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 1830, the Belgians started an uprising, and they got independence. POD But what I want to have, is a...
  7. Friedrich der Große

    What if Prince Frederick of the Netherlands succeeded his father William I as King of the Netherlands?

    What if prince Frederick of the Netherlands succeeded his father William I as king of the Netherlands in 1840, and not William II? Which would be the effects on things like the Dutch constitution of 1848, the Luxembourg crisis, maybe Belgium?, and what would be his line of succession? If you...
  8. Friedrich der Große

    The Netherlands gets the Rhineland

    What if the Netherlands got the Rhineland during the Congress of Vienna, which king William I wanted? What would the effects of this be on things like the Belgian Revolution, German Confederation and Unification, Dutch colonial empire, and more and more.
  9. AltoRegnant

    WI: Maginot Line Extended Into Belgium's Border, Stopping At Netherlands?

    OTL, the reason germany was able to go around the maginot was because Belgium wasnt fortified since the Belgians pulled out of collaborative plans. This, in turn, was because Belgium knew france was trying to force the combat north into belgium and avoid fighting on the homefront. But what if...
  10. ThecrownPrince

    Charles Wittlesbach gets the lowlands

    Say in some scenario Charles Theodore of Bavaria is able to get the trade of Bavaria for the Austrian Low Lands to fruition. What would Charles new kingdom look like? How would it function? Who would succeed him? What would it even be called?
  11. Cymry-Korean

    1940 Campaign with a Cooperative Belgian Government?

    How would the German campaign in the West have gone if British and French troops had been allowed access to Belgian territory prior to the German invasion? Would this have had a major impact on German or Allied Fortunes??
  12. Neal Caffrey

    AH Challenge: Change the Belgian Revolution into a revolution seeking a democracy in the UK of the Netherlands.

    So basically change the belgian revolution into becoming a revolution for democracy in the UK of the Netherlands and not a revolution seeking an independent Belgium.
  13. kasumigenx

    Mary of Burgundy, mother of two nations
    Threadmarks: Mother of Two Nations

    On May 10, 1470, Margaret of York would give birth to a short lived son named Philip who would live until 1490, Mary of Burgundy would marry the Eldest son of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, Archduke Christopher, providing him with three surviving two children, Frederick(May 10, 1474)...
  14. WI: Germany Directly Attacks France (Instead of Invading Through Belgium) in 1914

    In 1914, Germany decided to invade France by first passing through Belgium. This decision was made because the Franco-German border was heavily protected, and the Germans felt they would be able to defeat the French more quickly by first attacking Belgium before moving on to France itself...
  15. Bomster

    AHC/WI: French Fifth Army encircled at the Battle of Charleroi

    What if the French Fifth Army was encircled by the Germans at Charleroi in August of 1914? How would the Germans have successfully pulled this off militarily, and what impact would the lack of the fifth army make in the war?
  16. AltoRegnant

    Could Louis XIV Annex the Austrian Netherlands?

    France has a long history of wanting what we now call 'Belgium,' dating all the way back to when West Francia had the Belgian west coast. Despite this, the only time it ever came close to holding the territory was under napoleon's hegemonic reign. However, during the reign of Louis XIV, France...
  17. AltoRegnant

    AHC: WW1 Western Front In Germany

    OTL, Germany's more aggressive response to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, including the first declarations of war and invasion of Belgium, meant that little fighting was done on the Kaiser's home soil. Your goal is to have a major part of the western front be in Germany for over a year...
  18. MittleGittle

    Sneaky Naval Invasion of Belgium and France, 1914/15?

    Something that comes up VERY often in my HoI4 TGW plays is a German Naval Invasion in West Flanders and Dunkirk. Your challenge is to make this possible. Perhaps a fleet sneaks down the Dutch Coast?
  19. MittleGittle

    How could Germany gain Luxembourg prior to the Franco-Prussian War?

    How could a forming German Empire Annex a Greater Luxembourg prior to the F-P War? This Luxembourg must also include its Lands it lost to Belgium.
  20. What if Portugal and Spain join the Allies & France,Belgium and the Netherlands were seen as a collaborator after the end of World War II ?

    What would happen to their colonies and to the countries themselves? I know the Soviet Union doesn't have the capacity to influence Africa or Asia yet after World War II, I'm trying to think of a scenario where the colonies of this countries get an earlier Independence than our timeline. As I...