1. TheWitheredStriker

    Bigger Dutch Republic / More Successful Dutch Revolt

    I recently became quite interested in exploring a more successful Dutch Revolt, which leads to an overall bigger Dutch Republic. I have many questions, but fear not, I have my own inputs too, as well as my own scenarios :) Prerequisites The first section we'll need to flesh out: how do the...
  2. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Greater Belgium/Northern Brabant joins the Belgian revolt.

    The region of Northern Brabant, once known as the Generality lands is a largely Catholic land once part of the old Duchy of Brabant that stayed with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Part of the reasons Belgium rebelled against the King was because of his Protestantism whereas Belgium was overall...
  3. What if Austria retains Belgium?

    Following the Napoleonic wars, Austria parted with Belgium in favor for having a territorially contiguous territory with Lombardy-Venetia. And this would require a complete 180 on the Austrian goals when they went into the negotiations as they did not want to border France but with security...
  4. EasternRomanEmpire

    WI: Belgium didn't exist

    Belgium remains part of the Netherlands. What happens to the Congo? Effects on WW1? Effects on WW2?
  5. If France manages to keep the Austrian Netherlands in the 18th century, does that mean French HRE?

    It's well known how Louis XV in the War of Austrian Succession returned the Austrian Southern Netherlands instead of annexing them outright. This was pretty stupid, as he only did it to look good (which of course didn't really work), and the annexation of the region had long been a goal of...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    Colonial pursuits of a United Netherlands

    Do you have some ideas about possible colonial projects of a United Kingdom of the Netherlands surviving in 1830? Will this stronger union of the low countries be able to expand its colonial empire more than Belgium and Netherlands did OTL?
  7. How could Patrice Lumumba survive?

    The first prime minister of an independent Congo (Kinshasa), Patrice Lumumba's short tenure was wracked by turmoil, with a mutiny by the army, an attempt by the mineral-rich state of Katanga to secede, and very hostile relations with his country's former overlord, Belgium. To make matters worse...
  8. How will Belgium react to a French violation of its neutrality in 1914?

    Suppose Germany chooses an 'east first' strategy in 1914, i.e. attack in the east and defend in the west. France declares war on Germany, as the alliance with Russia requires. Soon the offensive in Lorraine ends in disaster for the French. The only hope for a quick victory is to flank the...
  9. FernandoPerla

    Burgundian State

    How you picture a Burgundian state, composed of French, Walloon and Flemish people, nowadays?
  10. Belgian Caliph

    Alternate History of Belgium: 1787-1899

    Chapter I. Para Bellum Jan Frans Vonck and his faction within the Austrian Netherlands, the Vonckists are arrested by austrian authorities, in the years leading up the 1789 Brabantine Revolution. Meanwhile, Henri Van Der Noot, is in exile in the Dutch City of Breda, and is amassing an army of...
  11. WI: 1914 Entente Victory but Belgium 'Let Them Pass'

    Great War history is not my forte so I'm not sure if this is possible. But, assuming everything goes comically wrong for the Central Powers, and everything right for the Entente--perhaps with earlier PODs resulting in a better prepared France and Russia--I was wondering if this scenario is...
  12. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC/WI: Independent Southern Netherlands, Spanish Northern Netherlands

    So as I was contemplating life and philosophy, I suddenly came upon a random althistory idea that I felt the need to explore: What if the fates of the Southern (Belgium) and Northern ("Holland") Netherlands were to be reversed? As in, the Spanish successfully reconquer the Northern Netherlands...
  13. Fall gelb in WW1

    What if in ww1 instead of invading france through belgium Germany executed a feint attack in the north, to lure the Allied armies forward into Belgium and pin them down and then surrounded them by invasion through the Ardennes like in OTL WW2
  14. Tales Weaver

    PC: Belgium was founded as a republic in 1830

    Reading about Belgian revolution of 1830... I wondered what if Belgium instead of inviting Leopold I, chose to go republican in the mold of Switzerland or USA. Would it be feasible back then? What would the repercussions back then?
  15. Friedrich der Große

    Wij Willen Willem: A United Netherlands Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: TL until 1867

    Okay so we had some discussions on this forum about a surviving United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now I want to post the first part of the TL. This goes to 1867. Later I will post some maps and then continue the TL. 1815 -The Congress of Vienna redraws the borders in Europe, with his defeat at...
  16. Friedrich der Große

    Position of the Northern Netherlands in a United Kingdom

    So let’s assume the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive after 1830 because riots are ended quick in august/september 1830 so a wider revolution doesn’t occure. I think it is inevitable that the balance of power will shift to the Southern Netherlands. but then my question is: what will...
  17. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate casus belli WW1

    So if we assume The Netherlands kept Belgium in 1830, will this butterfly the murder of Frans Ferdinand away? If the answer is yes, what are other causes of ITTL WW1 (which will off course be very different)?
  18. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate Africa and Congo 1884-1885

    Let’s assume The Netherlands and Belgium remained 1 country after 1830. How would this effect Africa? Would there still be a Colonial Conference of Berlin in 1884-1885, and if yes how would Africa be divided? And what effects would this have on Europe?
  19. Friedrich der Große

    Succesfull Ten Days Campaign in Belgium

    What if the Netherlands got foreign support from Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1831 and they crushed the Belgian Revolution, what would have happened? (The POD will be in 1831). Would there be a second revolution in 1848 and how would it effect things like German Unification, Franco-German War...
  20. TheWitheredStriker

    Earliest possible unification of the Low Countries?

    What is the earliest point at which the Low Countries can be a unified, independent state? And how would this be accomplished? Ideally, I'm searching a way that leads to an independent state (so no unification under a foreign power) where Old or Middle Dutch is the main language or at least...