1. Omnicide: World War III In 1953
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    "1941 was not the worst, oh no. And 1945 was not the end. All we went through together was meaningless. Those desperate, brutal battles against the fascists in the long first summer of the war, the bitter cold outside Moscow and Stalingrad, and our heroic march to Berlin- none of it mattered...
  2. RiverDelta

    DBWI: An American Atomic Bomb and no Resurrected British Empire

    As we all know (well, if you're an atomic history enthusiast like I am), you're likely familiar with the results of Tube Alloys, the British atomic bomb project which benefitted strongly from assistance from the Western Allies, most notably the Americans. American capital, resources, manpower...
  3. Go4theGusto

    What were the late-20th/early-21st centuries like in the "Fallout" universe?

    I fear that this thread will rely primarily on speculation, but it might be worth discussing since it is (soft, ASB-riddled) Alternate History. There seem to be two schools of thought on the "retro-futurism" of the Fallout series, one being that U.S. culture somehow stagnated in the early 1960s...
  4. Insider

    Tic-Toc! WI There is no atomic clock?

    Atomic clocks were invented as an extension of discovery of maser in 1950's. What would happen, had that discovery it never was pursued, or never been developed further, or were considered and falsely proven impossible to make (or as an ASB version, they are impossible to make) ? How would lack...