atomic age

  1. AHC: Atomic Industries Proliferate and Accidents Happen

    For a POD after August 1945... What if atomics became the order of the day in multiple aspects of modern civilization? I'm talking about everything from civilian power production to geographical engineering to high-speed propulsion to transmutation of elements and other scientific research...
  2. coffeebreakcigarette

    AHC : Technology Advanced As Ridley Scott's Blade Runner & Alien By The 1980s/1990s Or Like Fallout 1,2,3,4

    With a POD starting the first of January 1900, you have to make a world where technology is advanced like the 2020s of Ridley Scott Blade Runner and/or Alien or like the Fallout series. Excluding replicants.
  3. AHC: Continued Atomic Age/Space Age

    What divergences from OTL would a TL require in which the public viewpoint and government policy of science and technology around the world remains like in OTL 1945 to roughly 1975±5 years. For example: -Western countries and former (or current) East Bloc countries retain a "Nuclear optimist...