1. With a POD of anytime after 1500 AD, what is the highest level of development that China can achieve by the modern day?

    Let's define our metrics for development as follows: HDI, GDP per capita, literacy, and other general indicators of quality of life. China must, at minimum, control all Han majority areas in OTL mainland china. I apologize if this last question comes off as ignorant, as I'm not all that...
  2. Piave92

    WI: Free Italy - a.k.a. Kingdom of Italy in exile as an Allied nation
    Threadmarks: 01 - Prelude & Context

    After the declaration of “non-belligerence” in September 1939, Italy is facing more and more pressure to join the Germans in War. Wehrmacht successes are pushing more and more the fascist establishment in the arms of Hitler, with Mussolini meeting Hitler at Brenner Pass on March 18th, 1940...
  3. Caravels of Portugal

    Alternate Religion Discussion Thread

    Hello there AH users! Every wanted to talk about your alternate history religion you created, but think it doesn't generate sufficient interest or too risky? This is the chance to discuss about your alternate history religion with other users who will comment and suggest about it. To start the...
  4. Caravels of Portugal

    WI: Spanish Hawaii and the Pacific Islands in the 17th century

    In the OTL, hundreds of Manila galleons traveled through the Pacific, just south of Hawaii. However, many Spanish galleons did not bother to land on the islands because of the Spanish inability to properly explore the Pacific Ocean and to maintain Spanish monopoly on the trade. The Spanish also...
  5. Addemup

    Kaiser Victorious! - an ATL by Addemup

    THE TIMES May 13, 1917 - - - GREAT WAR OVER; CENTRAL POWERS VICTORIOUS Last evening, merely six days since Kaiser Wilhelm's troops stormed Paris following a two week siege, Prime Minister David Lloyd George (along with the remaining Allied Powers) publicly signed an armistice with the Central...
  6. Reverse Cold War: Differences In Capitalism and Communism

    Every Reverse Cold War scenario that I've seen features one main, overriding theme: a communist United States combating a capitalist Russia in a global, decades-long standoff marked by proxy wars, realpolitik, and an apocalyptic nuclear arms race--all along the lines of OTL's Cold War. While...
  7. Zachariah

    WI: Sony purchased the rights to all Marvel Characters in 1998?

    Back in 1998, Sony Pictures executive Yair Landau met with Marvel about the rights to Spider-Man. They already had the DVD rights but wanted the full film rights. New Marvel chief Ike Perlmutter made him a surprising counter offer, wherein Sony would not only take Spider-Man but also pretty much...
  8. Anglo-Japanese Alliance vs Moscow-Berlin Axis

    This concept is based on an idea in an Alternate History discussion around the Second Sino Japanese war, which I unfortunately cannot find. One reply discussed the possibility mentioned the possibility of Germany backing China and easing relations with Russia to continue the offensive on the...
  9. Konrad Sartorius

    Alternate Liberal Leaders of Russia

    In OTL, Boris Yeltin was the non-communist opposition leader who came to power after the collapse of the USSR. However, let's just pretend that he gets assassinated before 1991. Who else could lead a non-communist liberal opposition after him during the 1990s.
  10. ranichi17

    Alternate Names for the Pacific Ocean and Australia?

    Say Magellan ended up going through the Pacific during monsoon season (around November or thereabouts), when the Pacific isn't so pacific, what would he have named the ocean? Would it be an apt adjective, a saint, after himself, or after his patron? And since I'm too lazy to make a new thread...