1. minifidel

    A New World Wreathed in Freedom - An Argentine Revolution TL
    Threadmarks: 1 - May Revolution

    A New World Wreathed in Freedom An Argentine Revolution TL Chapter 1 - May Revolution The May Revolution When the news of the fall of the Junta of Seville arrived in Buenos Aires in the middle of May aboard British ships, rumors immediately started spreading in the city about the...
  2. Simon

    AHC: Chilean Tierra del Fuego

    In our timeline the southern Chile-Argentina border runs west to east before turning roughly east-southeast to Punta Dungeness, going across the Strait of Magellan, and then south down Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego to the Beagle Channel. So is there any way to have the border instead continue...
  3. Rajveer Naha

    South American Great War- A Soberania TL

    This is going to be my first attempt at creating a TL. Please forgive the mistakes that I may make. In this TL, Operation Soberania is launched earnestly by the Argentineans and a full blown war starts in South America which gradually leads to the involvement of every country on the continent...
  4. GauchoBadger

    Argentina with no Inca conquest by Spain?

    What would happen to the La Plata basin and adjacent areas if Spain fails to conquer the Inca Empire? Might Spain ultimately decide to settle and consolidate their control over the area to a greater extent than IOTL? They could follow up on Pedro de Mendoza's discovery of Buenos Aires instead of...
  5. GenerousLizard

    WI: The US sides with Argentina during the Falklands War?

    If I remember correctly, I read about an attemp by the Secretary of State Haig to convince President Reagan to side with Argentina during the Falklands War. Assuming the Sec managed to do that, what would happen? Would it be a strictly diplomatic move by the US or how would they get involved in...
  6. KingOnTheEdge

    Could Argentina Grow To Rival The USA?

    OTL, to say America has been the most powerful nation in the new world goes without saying, and giving DC a rival is a popular discussion on this thread. For me the idea is usually Mexico or Brazil, but i wonder, could Argentina become a latin american rival to the US? Here are the factors i...
  7. Balkanized Brazil

    Hi this is my first post in im writting a tl about an Argentina wank and i need to prevenge the invasion of the Banda Oriental, ¿which which will be the necesary POD
  8. Venocara

    AHC: Paraguayan War

    A couple of Alternate History Challenges: Make the Paraguayan War last longer than it did (substantially so) with a POD in 1864. Make the Paraguayan War more initially successful for Paraguay than in OTL without letting them win the war with a POD in 1864. Any responses are welcome, but...
  9. AHC/WI An alawite dominanted/majority state in otl Pampas region?

    Yes, make this syrian ethnoreligious group(region in where they live: ,, that didnt grasp any kind of power for most of their history, somehow dominant or majority in a state centered in this region of the world: ...
  10. deathstrokenorris

    Jose de San Martin, King of La Plata.

    The title says it all. I know it is borderline ASB at best, but I want to know how any of you think this could be possible (if it is possible)? I was thinking that San Martin would be much a much better general than IRL (btw he was quite good IRL) and crush Royalist army after royalist army and...
  11. Gukpard

    Could Argentina be broken up after the independence?

    Argentina was always known for it's regional differences, like Brazil or even Germany. During the earlier years of Argentina there was a conflict between the confederationists who wanted a very decentralized country and the unitarists who wanted the power based on Buenos Aires. I was wondering...
  12. Messalian

    National animal of a Fascist Argentina?

    What animal symbol would a fascist Argentina adopt as their symbol? Somehow, I feel like a fascist regime would be unimpressed by the ovenbird. Hardworking as it might be, it doesn't exactly inspire fear and awe (no offense to Argentine members of this community!). What are some other animals...
  13. Gukpard

    (KR) submod: Herr Karl

    It was over. The defeat on the battle of St Nicholas meant that the Christmas revolution started by Manuel Carlés was going to fail. The bravery of the nationalist soldiers of the Patriotic league, even with the support of the navy and the tanks from the capital couldn't break the defences of...
  14. Gaitanist Democrat

    Increased European migration to Latin America in the 1800s?

    Hi! How are you? Well, I've been thinking (let's call it, a mental exercise) in the history of European emigration to Latin America; more specifically, the factors that led it and how these could change in a way that migration increases. Well, I correct. I don't know what those factors are...
  15. Gabzcervo

    An Equal and Thriving Enlightenment: An Alternate Latin America
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    I live in the country of full of loyals, A land that honors god and the king, Of long-ranged mountains that had stretched Down from the southern Andes and Into the northern Andes Her beauty and passion that never dies God will protect our loyal nation. It was the long decades that These angry...
  16. GameBawesome

    Which Ambitious Latin and Large American Countries would be Powerful?

    Which Large and Ambitious Latin American Country(s) could survive, and while competing with other rivals, become powerful and dominate force(s) in Latin America. Rule 1. Multiple vote on, just in case you have multiple opinion, and believe in a Latin American Cold War between multiple Powerful...
  17. WI: Operation Soberanía Leads to War

    Let's say that Argentina doesn't cancel its planned invasion of Chile (maybe Pope John Paul II is unable to get involved for whatever reason) and open war between the two countries begins in December 1978. What would happen, and what consequences would a "Beagle War" have?
  18. Entrerriano

    Good Winds: A British Invasion of Buenos Aires Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Fall of Buenos Aires

    The Spanish Empire was the largest Empire the world had ever seen. With territories in five continents, it was truly the Empire where the Sun never set. However, it was not destined to last forever. The change from the 18th to the 19th Centuries was a violent one. The French Revolution and the...
  19. KidCabralista

    WI: President-Elect Hoover Was Assassinated In South America?

    Severino Di Giovanni, Argentine anarchist leader and Galleanist The late 1800s and early 1900s saw a number of assassinations and terrorist attacks perpetrated by anarchists performing what they called "propaganda of the deed." This highly controversial application of Bakuninist political...
  20. Gukpard

    WI: Perón does not die in power.

    After being removed in a coup in 1955, Perón returned to power after being elected in 1973 after 18 years of exile, however he did not ruled for long as his health was failing and he died in power in 1974. Let's say that he managed to keep ruling until the end of his mandate in 1978, how does...