1. Earthy05

    The Bleeding Edge: An Alternate History of NASA

    The Bleeding Edge Chapter 1: Let's Get This Thing Started Pasadena, California, 2019 *Click* “Ok can you say your name and occupation then let’s get this thing started” “My name is Judy Leslieson, former NASA astronaut and geologist professor” “Thank you Ms. Leslieson, let us get underway. Why...
  2. AHC: A better post-Shuttle rocket program

    Since the early years of this century, NASA has been struggling to turn Shuttle-derived hardware into a heavy lift vehicle. It hasn't gone well. Underfunding, politically imposed design decisions and a lack of a clear purpose has resulted in a slow-motion disaster which looks bound to deliver...
  3. prolemasses

    NASA's Waterloo: A Realistic Mission to Mars Post Apollo
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    NASA's Waterloo October 2, 1983 Kennedy Space Center A crowd had gathered at Kennedy Space Center, larger than any seen since 1969. They cheered as the countdown timer approached the final minute. Miles away, on the pad, a white and black rocket glistened on the pad. Though larger, and more...
  4. Kistling a Different Tune: Commercial Space in an Alternate Key
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    Hello, everyone! Welcome to yet-another @e of pi spaceflight thread. This one is going to be a bit of an experiment for me--a bit more personal, and focused on a much most recent point of departure. In fact, as everything in this timeline will be happening within the era of the "modern"...
  5. TimothyC

    Rockwell Flyer: The Story of the X-33 and Beyond - Timeline in a Post

    Rockwell Flyer: The Story of the X-33 and Beyond American Rocket News January 2, 2006 Written by Arnold Holmes With the start of Congressional hearings on the factors relating to the decisions involved in the Exploration Systems Architecture, we here at American Rocket News feel it is...