1. Bomster

    WI: Umayyads win Battle of Toulouse in 721

    While the Battle of Tours in 732 is seen as a pivotal moment in halting the Muslim expansion into Western Europe, it actually may be overshadowed in importance by the earlier Battle of Toulouse in 721. According to historian Ian Meadows, after the swift conquest of Iberia into the Umayyad...
  2. kasumigenx

    Line of the Young King
    Threadmarks: William, son of Henry the Young King

    On 1189, on the death of Henry II, he would be succeeded by his grandson, William III of England, the son of Henry the Young King and Margaret, Queen of Hungary, he is 12 years old at this time, he needed three years to reach his majority. Richard of England is made as regent and freed his...
  3. WI: Matilda became Queen of England?

    Matilda was the daughter of Henry I of England and his First Wife Matilda of Scotland. She became heir presumptive after her brother William Adelin, Henry I's only legitimate son drowned in the White Ship Disaster. Henry I had no children from his second wife and so he tried to make his daughter...
  4. kasumigenx

    The Queen is dead – An Aquitainian Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Queen is dead

    On 1150, Eleanor of Aquitaine would die giving birth to her daughter, Alix of France, her daughter, Marie or Maria of France would be the new duchess of Aquitaine and Louis would remarry to Constance of Castile which would create an alliance between France and Castile, the death of Eleanor would...
  5. Plausible Kingdom of Aquitaine in the 12th century?

    Assume William IX Duke of Aquitaine, Gascogne, Count of Poitou presses his wife Philippa's claim on the County of Toulouse and doesn't mortgage the county afterward to Bertrand to go on a disastrous Crusade. His son only has daughters (Eleanor of Aquitaine) like OTL. Eleanor inherits everything...
  6. How long could England realistically hold Gascony?

    The English monarch held Aquitaine/Gascony for a surprisingly long amount of time after John Lackland supposedly lost all of the English crown's continental possessions (and to be fair he did lose most of them). Henry VI was the last nominal English ruler of Gascony before rule of the duchy was...
  7. kasumigenx

    What if Otto IV of HRE inherits Aquitaine and marries Blanche of Navarre

    I am actually doing a timeline where Otto IV has both HRE and Aquitaine as the successor of Richard I in Aquitaine, how would it affect the Angevin Empire as a whole if he becomes the ruler of Aquitaine and marries Blanche of Navarre, how would this affect John II's reign as the King of England...
  8. kasumigenx

    A different Angevin division
    Threadmarks: Different division

    Otto of Brunswick would be chosen to inherit Aquitaine on Richard I’s death without issue on 1199 and he would marry Blanche of Navarre to continue the alliance of Navarre and Aquitaine on July 1199 which would confirm him as the heir to Aquitaine despite being the anti-king of Germany, the...
  9. kasumigenx

    The Early Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Threadmarks: Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine

    On 1147, Eleanor of Aquitaine would give birth to twins, a son and a daughter in Autumn of 1147 in the Antioch, unfortunately for the Queen of France she would die a month after she gave birth to waited son, his name would be Philip of France in 1147, Eleanor would be buried in Antioch. The son...
  10. GauchoBadger

    Consequences of no Angevin Aquitaine?

    So, basically, assume that the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Louis VII of France produces a male heir, which results in an eventual PU between the Duchy of Aquitaine and the Capetian royal demesne. The continental domains of the House of Plantagenet thus end up smaller. What would be...
  11. GauchoBadger

    WI: France divided after the Wars of Religion

    What if the Kingdom of France had torn itself apart during the Wars of Religion, with the territories south and west of the Loire river being assigned to a Huguenot Calvinist "Kingdom of Aquitaine" under the Bourbons while the remaining territories end up in the Catholic League's indefinite...
  12. Pralaya

    Final Light: A Carolingian Timeline
    Threadmarks: CHAPTER 1: The Death of a King

    After lurking for so long in these forums, I've decided to make my own timeline. The style is obviously heavily inspired by Planet of Hats' amazing and awesome Al-Andalus timeline, and I thank him here for his contributions. ---------------- "Right action is better than knowledge; but in order...
  13. Der Preußische Leutnant

    Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of Castile - a Pre TL Help Thread

    So after months of scrolling through TLs, I have decided to take the daunting task of writing one myself, plus I've always liked a good Castile/Spain screw and there's simply not enough of those around;) Basically I wanted to have Aquitaine, either by direct political or dynastic control, to be...
  14. kasumigenx

    Arthur – Duke of Brittany, Duke of Aquitaine, King of Sicily 1187 – 1250
    Threadmarks: verse 1

    Arthur – Duke of Brittany, Duke of Aquitaine, King of Sicily 1187 – 1250 Verse 1 1192, Constance of Sicily is released, a few months after reuniting with her husband after being captive for a long time, Constance of Sicily is revealed to be pregnant, her husband would expect for a son...
  15. kasumigenx

    Arthur of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, King of England, Scotland, Duke of Aquitaine

    On 1196, Richard I, King of England requested the annulment and the release of the Princess’ Berengaria’s obligation to marry Berengaria of Castile due to the protests of Eleanor of Aquitaine who did not want a Hohenstaufen ruling Castile, Richard I offered Eleanor of Brittany as her...