1. Questions about race relations in Antebellum America and the American Civil War

    1. How was African Americans perceived in the North and the South? Was their a difference between on how both sides acted towards them? 2. Was the North just as much to blame for the Civil War as the South? Was there other reasons for the North to want to keep the South in the Union? Economic...
  2. Martin Van Buren reelected in 1840?

    Despite his unpopularity at the time of the election, and Harrison's comfortable victory in the electoral college and popular vote, Martin Van Buren came very close to winning Maine, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Had he won those five states, he would've gotten 153 votes in...
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    The American System: A Henry Clay TL
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    "I would rather be right than be President" -Henry Clay "Am I not a man and a brother?" -Anti-slavery slogan Henry Clay is one of the greatest what-ifs of American history. A man who had such a massive impact on the United States never rose to be its leader, despite his many attempts. But what...
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    NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: The Wilmot Proviso Passes
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    NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM The Amendment Passes =================================== ACT ONE: The Great Divide Destiny Made Manifest From “Westward Expansion: An American Story” by Harold Freeman Published 1998 “The presidency of James K. Polk was defined by one question: should the United States...