1. Weekly Flag Challenge #253

    FLAG CHALLENGE 253: The Great White South Here's the poll for my Antarctica flag challenge! It's a bit after 2 as I post this and I'll keep the poll up until 10 Central Monday evening.
  2. Reepicheep

    Challenge: Deglaciated Antarctica in WorldA

    Challenge is in the title to prevent confusion with this being any sort of complete project. Hello!! I'm crowdsourcing this problem I'm having because I have no idea how to achieve it despite being willing to put in the work. Basically the goal I want to achieve is to convert this deglaciated...
  3. "Power Without Knowledge...": President Haig and the Era of Bad Feelings
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    "Power without knowledge is power lost!" - Montesquieu "Much has been said in these uncertain times about 'generational conflict' in this country and the world, between the generations thinking in and longing for a lost past, more a golden-hued fever dream then an objective view of history, and...
  4. Tyche

    Below 60 Degrees South... A Warm Antarctica Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Howdy! This is a place to actually post and organize anything from my cover of Devon Moore's Great White South timeline. I have his permission to freely post my re-interpretation and further exploration of the setting he created. Not to say that this will simply be an update for that timeline, I...
  5. Bobbbcat2

    Inuit in the Antarctic and Subantarctic

    What if a European nation, wanting to strengthen claims on a part of Antarctica or a Subantarctic island like Kerguelen, South Georgia, the New Zealand Subantarctic Islands, Heard and Mcdonald Islands, Bouvet Islands, the Crozet Islands, the South Sandwich Islands or the Prince Edward Islands...
  6. Bobbbcat2

    WI: Native Americans from Tierra Del Fuego island hop to Antarctica?

    I'm thinking a Fuegian group (maybe the Yaghan) settles the Falklands from Tierra Del Fuego, South Georgia from the Falklands, the South Sandwich Islands from South Georgia, the South Orkneys from the South Sandwiches, the South Shetlands from the South Orkneys and mainland Antarctica from the...
  7. Possibility of and Consequences of Permanent Antarctic Settlement

    Possibility of Antarctic Settlement Could Native Americans have colonised Antarctica? If so when, and on what conditions? Could Polynesians have colonised Antarctica? If so when, and on what conditions? Could a European state(Britain, Norway, Germany, Spain, other) have colonised Antartica? If...
  8. Incanian

    AHC Drake Discovers Antarctica

    As in this video, Drake was very close to discovering the "Great Southern Continent" But all he saw was the endless ocean. But what if, his ships got blown off course, and discovered Antartica in the 1500s? Would he be able to return home, not circumnavigating the earth as an Englishman, but...
  9. What if people indigineously settled on the Antarctic Peninsula?

    What would it take for this to happen? And will it really make a difference once Europeans come along in the 1820s? Try to make the scenario as interesting as possible, please.
  10. ronaldo

    Nuclear weapons in the southern hemisphere

    Nuclear weapons in the southern hemisphere How is it possible for nations like Brazil and Argentina in South America to have nuclear weapons And countries like indonesia and australia have nuclear weapons South Africa keeps its guns Nuclear tests in the South Atlantic, in the Amazon forest...