1. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Keep 2D Animation the norm

    A simple task. One gives some ideas for how 2D animation could have stayed the rule even after the advent of CGI.
  2. An alternate history of animated films
    Threadmarks: 1940

    The premise of this project is one I already talked about here, but I've spent months doing research and thinking it out, and now I think I have a TL. (It's incomplete, so I'm hoping people will make suggestions as I go.) In this TL, WW2 did not affect American animation studios like Disney as...
  3. Teriyaki

    Marc Davis Never Comes To Work For Walt Disney

    One of my favorite animators at Walt Disney was Marc Davis, one of Disney's Nine Old Men. Davis was responsible for the design and creation of many of Walt Disney's most well known characters, two of which are considered two of the most iconic Disney villains ever designed and created...
  4. Duke Andrew of Dank

    DBWI: John K. dies in his coma

    OOC: This is in the context of American Magic by @OldNavy1988. As we all know, Michael J. Kricfalusi's career came to a halt with his abduction a 15-year old neighbor. But not all may know is that earlier the same year of 1996, he had gone into a coma from drugs and alcohol. So. What if all...
  5. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: MLP FiM's actors were from other talent pools.

    A simple task really. Create a MLP:FiM voice cast where all the actors were from talent pools other othan Vancouver. I personally have one for if they went to LA for talent instead. So if you had soem ideas fro that, go ahead and contribute to my own ideas, or just create your own. My LA Cast...
  6. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Alternate TV Tropes pages.

    This is sort of a spin-off of @The Director's thread Pop Culture Oneshot Scenarios. Only now, it describes various aspects of what ever it is you can think of as if it was on a series of TV Tropes articles. YMMV, Nightmare Fuel, WMG, the works. Fire away, all.
  7. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: Don Bluth is still at Disney

    Don bluth, who most may know for The Secret of Nimh, worked at Disney until he left in dissatisfaction in 1979. But what if he stayed? What would be the consequences for the company? Would their Renaissance start sooner? What?
  8. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: One-time creator gets another show.

    This is loosely based on a thread that was created by @NoName to detail a WI where Stephen Hillenburg made another show before his death. However, I decided to expand it to include other ideas for creators...
  9. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Imagine any character as a Disney villain.

    Pretty simple really. For one, this take on Umbridge as such seems pretty accurate...
  10. Admiral Bloonbeard

    Modern pop culture if the Central Powers won World War 1

    World War 1 isn't called the "War of the Century" for a reason. It was a war that would determine which nation would be the superpower of the 20th century. We all know about the political effects of World War 1 and how it led the rise of the United States as a superpower. There are already many...
  11. Disney-Warner Fusion Dance

    If Disney (right before the "Renaissance") and Warner Bros. go bankrupt and somehow become one entity (being bought by a third party, perhaps), how might this change the future landscape of entertainment?
  12. Aloha

    Toy Story becomes a critical and financial failure

    As we all know, Toy Story was released in 1995 to critical acclaim. It was also the highest-grossing film in its opening weekend and eventually earned over $373 million at the worldwide box office. A unique film for its time, it has even been credited multiple times as being the film to have...
  13. AHC: Third Pole for Comics/Animation/VG

    So I think we can agree that from a global perspective, the pop culture economies of the US and Japan are really beyond compare (in terms of volume, multinational influence, etc),* especially if we’re talking specifically about the mediums of comics and animation, and even more so in video...
  14. The Ink ran dry: An Animation&Film TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The beginning of the end

    This TL starts in 1966. Walt Disney died on December 15th 1966 and that day America wept, but little did people know it was only the beginning of the end; 1967 was filled with flops such as Monkeys Go Home and The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin but a saving grace came with the Jungle Book. The...
  15. HeX

    Laughin' Place: Redefining Disney
    Threadmarks: Map of the Locations of the Disney Parks

    -------------------------------- A man slumped down at the corner of an alleyway. He hadn’t showered in weeks, and his stomach rumbled incessantly. He was currently living off of a lone ham and cheese sandwich he’d managed to scrounge out of the trash, but he’d eaten that two… no, three days...
  16. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Your Personal Dream Cast

    This is the thread where people can give any and all voice actors or actors you feel would be better than the ones we got IOTL. Don't be shy, all ideas are welcome.
  17. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Your Personal Dream Cast

    This is the thread where people can give any and all voice actors or actors you feel would be better than the ones we got IOTL. Don't be shy, all ideas are welcome.
  18. Duke Andrew of Dank

    Your personal Nintendo adaptation idea.

    Feel free to give any and all ideas relating to such as you please. Any ideas are welcome, stand-alone stuff, comics, shared universes the works. Go crazy people, like me, never let yourself run out of ideas.
  19. Cyma Zarghami never becomes president of Nickelodeon

    If you heard of Nickelodeon, you probably heard of the former president of the network, Cyma Zarghami. You may have also heard of some of the "questionable" things she has done for the company. Because of this (As well as the new information that rose up after her recent resigning), she has...
  20. Duke Andrew of Dank

    The Mouse and the Plumber: Disney's Nintendo Adaptations

    Over the course of time since the Riply Act, other events in pop culture and history undertook a POD of OTL. For instance. Walt Disney escaped lung cancer by replacing his smoking with licorice. Whereas Nintendo and Sony went through with their proposition for collaboration on an SNES CD...