1. Would Cartoon Network be in a better place if 21st Century FOX had bought time Warner in 2014?

    I saw this scenario on a blog that I read a few weeks ago. Apparently the bid proposal came a full month before Christina Miller came in as president. With Murdoch now owning WB it's very likely there would've been huge changes behind the scenes. What do you guys think? Would a FOX ownership of...
  2. Ninja2006

    TL-2K23: The Official Thread
    Threadmarks: Welcome to TL-2K23!

    ............ Greetings. Welcome to my first timeline of two-thousand and twenty-three...... The theme and focus of this TL should be obvious given the title and tags. Now, without further ado. I introduce you to my newest TL: TL-2K23! So, how about we get started on this adventure...
  3. Ninja2006

    Nickelodeon's equivalent of Adult Swim: An What If.

    Basically a successor thread to this thread: What if Nickelodeon came up with a tamer and more tween/teen-oriented equivalent of Cartoon Network's famous Adult Swim block. The idea also...
  4. Ninja2006

    More Than Meets the Eye Redux
    Threadmarks: Welcome

    This is basically a new version of this thread: The timeline's getting rebooted, so yeah...... Also, for discussion and stuff like that, this...
  5. Ninja2006

    A Movement Called Animerica - An Official Timeline by Otakuninja2006

    This is my new test timeline to legitimately test out the waters and see how/what I do before going to bigger stuff. This timeline is focused on a earlier start in otaku culture in the United States of America. This will also cover the animation, broadcasting, television, gaming, children's...
  6. The Shuffled Disneyverse: An Alt Disney Timeline

    Hi guys, Even though most of my focus has been pre-1900, I'm skipping into after 1900 because admittedly, I enjoy reading Disney TLs on here. After reading several, I've decided to do a Disney timeline of my own. I was originally going to do a take on Disney and animation as a whole without...
  7. TheKennedyMachine.

    The Mouse Who Sold The World (Walt Disney Lives)
    Threadmarks: Introduction; The Greatest Showman

    The Mouse Who Sold The World The Incredible Story of Walt Disney, America's Showman __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part I: America's...
  8. Ferguson's Book: An Alternative Disney Filmography
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Around the World (And Bambi Too)

    (Here we go. Interested to see how this plays out around here) Interviewer: So, what can you tell me about the end of Snow White? I mean, the production. Bianca Majolie: Oh, it was the last days of school. You know? The sort of slow build up to a great release, a great sense of an...
  9. Nickelodeon cancels SpongeBob in 2003

    In 1999, SpongeBob SquarePants first aired on Nickelodeon, and quickly became the highest-rated children's television series. Under the leadership of creator and showrunner Stephen Hillenburg, SpongeBob ran for three highly successful seasons and a hit movie. But because the show was...
  10. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Save Hanna-Barbera

    Simply put, have changes that would allow Hanna-Barbera to remain a viable company in the animation industry.
  11. Onto the Next Phase - A Star Trek Production Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Introduction

    Onto the Next Phase A Star Trek Production Timeline February 1973 Filmation Offices Los Angeles Lou Schiemer sat down at his desk, ready to get to work. He just couldn’t help but grin. He had secured a great contract that was going to help continue his company’s growth. Filmation had done...
  12. Duke Andrew of Dank

    AHC: Earlier Cartoon Network

    Simply put, have Cartoon Network first come on to the air at a plausible date earlier than 1992. Ideally, after Ted Turner acquires most of his current animation library.
  13. From Nobody to Titan
    Threadmarks: Introduction / How it All Started

    On May 23rd, 1922, a baby boy was born in the rural town of Mitsukue, located in Kyushu, Japan. He would then grow into a child with an interest in playing cards and board games, specifically the Hanafuda cards created by Nintendo, a card company at the time, and shogi, also known as the Game of...
  14. Duke Andrew of Dank

    WI: Howard Ashman survives AIDS

    Howard Ashman, whom many may know for his contributions to Little Shop of Horrors and Disney's The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Pocahontas, has become known for his role in AIDs awareness ever since he first confirmed that he was suffering from the condition in 1987. In 1991, he had barely...
  15. AltoRegnant

    Earliest Animation?

    OTL, as i understand it, animation was super early in the twentieth century. But how early is it possible? Guilded Age? Progressive Era in the US? what might some effects be of this medium arising decades earlier?
  16. Turing-Nash Power Hour Redux: A Collaborative Timeline

    Welcome Back to the Arcade, ladies and gentlemen! I'm your host, Awesome Sauce and this is a reboot of the Turing-Nash TL. This time around, it isn't just pop culture, now everything is allowed (as along as it is not ASB or violate the rules of this site) on this thread (of course with my...
  17. The Ballad of the Lovecraft: A Collaborative Pop Culture TL

    IDEA: Two acclaimed authors whose work everyone copies but has failed on television and the movies is Edgar Rice Burroughs (Jon Carter of Mars) and H.P. Lovecraft. Starting in the 1920s/1930s till now, make the franchises of John Carter of Mars and Lovecraftian media as popular as Star Trek or...
  18. Welcome to the Arcade Gaiden
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    I'M BACK BITCHES William Higinbotham A name familiar to anyone who knows about video game history, He created the game Computer Tennis, a revolutionary game simulates a game of, well, tennis in 1958 to display it at the annual public convention of Brookhaven National Laboratory, the critical...
  19. The Turing-Nash Power Hour, A Collaborative Pop Culture TL

    After having a conversation with Mr_ Bondoc, I decided to start a new TL with him. And yes, this is a collaborative effort so anyone who wants to join in and share your ideas, you can with, (of course) our permission. So here's the POD: POD: June 7, 1954: Alan Turing refuses to commit suicide...
  20. DBWI Your Favourite Film Adaptations

    Here you can list your favourite film adaptations, whether from books, cartoons (western or anime) or games of any kind. Yu-Gi-Oh (2017) - This may seem like an odd choice, but given i'm a sucker for Egyptian mythology, I love how Sam Esmail went back to basics and really incorporated it into...