1. Anime and Manga industry in a KMT-led/Democratic China and an united Korea - Could they surpass Japan?

    This thread is a go-to place where most discussions on this topic will be dumped as an "introduction", considering that quite a lot has been already written about this subject, but a specific thread about it has not been made yet, so the discussion below already explains the purpose and topic of...
  2. Mixed Nutz: The Timeline Where MGM and Warner Bros. Are the Main Rivals of the American Animation Industry
    Threadmarks: Introduction: The Birth of Two (Technically Three) Stars

    The year is 1940. The field of animation was in the midst of a revolutionary period in America, with the nation's two biggest names in animation at the time having moved up from merely producing short subjects to making fully animated feature films late into the previous decade: Walt Disney...
  3. MrCarioca

    When You Wish Upon a Nightmare - WDAS Collapses in the 80s

    Hi all, So... this is a timeline idea I've contemplated on actually doing. I've decided to start it as a side project since it'll take a lot of research if I want things to go as planned. In case you don't know, IOTL Walt Disney Animation Studios entered a Dark Age after Walt Disney's death in...
  4. More Than A Feeling

    Smarter Than The Average Studio: An Alternate History of Hanna-Barbera

    The day is May 15, 1957. MGM have decided to shutter their animation studio. The creators of their massively popular Tom & Jerry series, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, are left unemployed. They decided to form their own studio, aptly named Hanna-Barbera. They originally asked MGM to...
  5. bennymaker

    Osamu Tezuka: The God of Manga
    Threadmarks: The Structure

    Osamu Tezuka, hailed as the "God of Manga," stands as a trailblazer who revolutionized the manga and anime landscape. From the iconic "Astro Boy" to the profound exploration of life and death in the "Phoenix" series, Tezuka's prolific career epitomizes creativity, diversity, and enduring...
  6. bennymaker

    Fleischer Bros: The Next King of Cartoons

    This Thread will be different since I will usually update this about either weekly or a less semi-weekly
  7. bennymaker

    Fleischer Studios
    Threadmarks: The Prologue

    Fleischer Studios, founded by the visionary brothers Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer in the early 20th century, reimagines animation through a groundbreaking fusion of mechanical engineering and artistic innovation. Renowned for their unique approach, the studio pioneers a new era in animation...
  8. When You Shuffle Upon a Star: An Shuffled Disney Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Snow Queen (1937)

    The Snow Queen (1937) Before making his first animated feature, Walt Disney was primarily known for being the creator of Mickey Mouse and the Silly Symphony series. By attempting to do a full-length feature, Disney hoped to grow both the prestige and revenue of his animation studio. Several...
  9. The Shuffled Disneyverse 2.0: Another Alternate Disney Canon Timeline

    I've decided to reboot this TL but with some twists. There will be 12 animation/live-action hybrids (including Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers) plus the Goofy Movie. So instead of just 62 films, there will be 75 titles total excluding Pixar. And with Pixar, I've decided to add the shorts to the...
  10. MrCarioca

    Shuffling the Canon REDUX: A Shuffled Disney & Pixar TL Redone
    Threadmarks: The Little Mermaid (1937)

    The Little Mermaid (1937) Taken from "The Production of the Little Mermaid: Disney's First Success", produced 1990 Leonard Maltin: Walt had an extremely hard time choosing material for his first film. Walt has considered doing that novel "Bambi", then there was Peter Pan, the story about the...
  11. Ninja2006

    An Animated Odyssey: Death, Rebuild, Rise and War of the Animation Industry
    Threadmarks: The Beginning..........of Games Animation

    Hey guys, @Otakuninja2006 here with another new timeline, this time, instead of being a TL that completely derailed from it's original plan(readers of my other TL; TL-2K23, are well aware of that), this is a TL that will ACTUALLY stick to it's original plan, which was a alternate and bigger...
  12. MrCarioca

    The Great Disney Redux: Another Disney TL

    Yup, another Disney TL, even though I have like two other ones which are still incomplete. So is this another shuffled Disney Canon TL? No. Well not really, some films will appear earlier or later but the order is mostly the same, even though there will be new films ITTL. So most Disney fans...
  13. MrCarioca

    The Pacifican Apprentice - Disney in the world of Kaiserreich

    Hi all, so I've been intrigued with the Kaiserreich mod for HOI4. Basically, Germany won World War 1, France and Britain fell to syndicalism, and the USA is in an even greater depression. Now with me being an animation fan and a HOI4 player, that got me thinking: What would've have to Walt...
  14. Like A Star Out of The Blue: Animation Without World War 2
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Man Who Started It All

    Prologue: The Man Who Started It All Walt Disney became a noted figure in the animation industry when he set up his Laugh-O-Gram Studio in 1921 in Kansas City, Missouri. The studio was most known for its Alice comedies, based on the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll...
  15. MrCarioca

    Shuffling the Canon - A Shuffled Disney Canon TL

    So after reading The Shuffled Disneyverse by @PGSBHurricane , I feel inspired to do my own take. Hopefully this won't turn out too chaotic. Snow White will be the first film in the Disney Canon like in TSD, but everything after that is going to be shuffled.

    AHC: With a POD no earlier than January 1, 1990, break the Animation Stigma

    The Animation Renaissance of the 1990s is often seen as a revival of the quality of Western (more specifically American) Animation after the low points of the 1970s and 1980s. Adult animation went mainstream, 3D animation was popularized, Disney became resurgent, and cable television allowed for...

    Man's Best Friend: An Alternate 1990s and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction Hello everyone! This is my first alternate timeline here on this site! Alternate history has always fascinated me. The idea of another world - or another chain of events in history has fascinated me ever since I started learning about history. I first got into alternate history...
  18. kirbopher15

    An alternate toonami history (pop culture timeline in the style of timeline 93)
    Threadmarks: A revolution is televised

    6 March 1996 I was just minding my own business coming home from school and tuning in to Cartoon Network channel 615 and everything was normal until after an episode of lippy the lion and hardy ha ha a promo came on and this promo was kind of strange in it’s nature in that it had moltar from...
  19. VVVVVV

    The Star Wars Story: how George Lucas and Steven Spielberg held Hollywood hostage for 20 years

    A short introduction before we get started: My name is Vee, and my first attempt at a timeline was an adject failure by virtually all standards. I entered into it with little preparation and quickly felt overwhelmed and abandoned it, but I never stopped thinking about what it could have been...
  20. TheDetailer

    AHC: Best Possible World for Animation

    Considering the news about recent events over the past year regarding the animation industry, I decided to make this thread as a way to explore, experiment, and discuss animation, specifically about what has gone wrong, and also what can go right. With no changes from before January 1st, 1901...