anglo/american - nazi war

  1. The AANW but without the "warm war" period

    In the thread of The Anglo/American Nazi War there's a period of about 10 years after the defeat of the USSR where the Allies stop fighting Germany head on, only to reignite the war in 1954. This is crucial for the story and ultimately leads to a dystopian post-war world; but in real life...
  2. Marklin

    WI: Russo/American-Japanese War.

    I know it sounds ASB, and it probably is, but what would an Imperial Japanese/East Asian/Pacific/Whatever you wanna call it version of Calbear's The Anglo/American-Nazi War TL look like?
  3. The Anglo/American - Nazi War

    Here is the start of a T/L inspired by some recent reading I've been doing on Hitler's plan's for Europe AFTER he won the war. The conceit here is that this is supposed to be part of a 2010 book on the war between the Western democracies and Nazi Germany in the early-mid 1950's (haven't quite...