1. Final Frontiers: a Map and Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Howdy, everyone, and welcome to the home of my newest allohistorical endeavor: Final Frontiers. FF is a few different things all wrapped up into one suspiciously Australia-shaped package. Firstly, it's a redux of an older timeline: Earth98, by u/DeFlame. I'll openly admit that I am not...
  2. The American Odyssey: A Story of a United America with Star-Spangled Jubilation
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A New Timeline begins

    Our team humbly presents, The American Odyssey Inspired by NK_Ryzov's 'USAO', Note: All written content rights reserved to the AO Community Project. All image content rights reserved to their respective creators. Prelude: A project a long time in the making, the premise is simple. The United...
  3. Mr_Fanboy

    Largest possible United States at the time of Independence

    Many Ameriwank scenarios begin with the nascent United States coming out of the American Revolution having won much more land from Great Britain. However, I was wondering which British territories in the Western Hemisphere could have most plausibly been taken by the Americans in the peace...
  4. AH Challenge: Cyprus as a U.S. state

    In our timeline, Cyprus is the only true presidential republic in the European Union, and, arguably, the European space more generally. I'm putting this in after 1900, but with any POD after 1789, make Cyprus a U.S. state by and in 2020.
  5. Mr. BoJangles

    Ameriwank Constitutional Convention: Revision Discussion

    Nearly a decade ago (sheesh... am I that old?) there was a thread in the forum about a Constitution for Ameriwanks that sought to optimize the US Constitution as drafted, under the guise of greater framer foresight, for a United States that was ultimately "successful" in uniting the whole of the...
  6. AHC/WI: British Caribbean joins the USA during the ARW

    The British colonies in the Caribbean were fairly pro-American during the ARW, but they never rose up. How could we get large scale revolts in the British Caribbean with the goal of joining the USA? What would be the effects of this?
  7. DBWI: British win war of 1812

    I know this seems ASB, but I think that it is possible. It is true that the USA had a large advantage. The British were busy with Napoleon, Canada had about 1/10th of the American population, and the US army was much larger and fighting on its own continent. However, Britain had some advantages...
  8. AHC: Bigger Ameriwank than OTL?

    In OTL, the United States was wanked, no doubt about it. Now, try to make history favor the US even more while still being plausible