1. Brian T Grabowski

    National Professional Baseball League (NPBL); 1887 thru 1900

    Pre-History up until league formation in 1890 Late-1840s to early-1860s: As more European immigrants began making their way into the United Sates through New York and other eastern ports, they pick up some peculiar traditions of sport. One of those was the New York style baseball (or what is...
  2. Gajah_Nusantara

    La Europa Napoleònica or How The French Conquered Europe!
    Threadmarks: Chapter I : Peace At Tilsit

    CHAPTER I PEACE IN THE EAST, WAR IN THE WEST Napoleon Bonaparte, The Man Who Saved France, The Corsican Who Conquered Europe, The Little Corporal had just conquered Austria, Prussia and the mighty Russian Empire in almost a decade where no one had done before him. With his victories, Napoleon...
  3. Alternate Names For Modern American/ Canadian Al

    Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some names for some alternate American and Canadian cities to exist in my new timeline I'm currently developing e.g. Dana Point - Seabrook City Anything you have to offer is appreciated! Cheers!
  4. lerk

    WI: Larger Eastern Orthodoxy in the US, with a POD after 1800

    I suppose the easiest way to increase the numbers of adherents of Eastern Orthodoxy in the US is to somehow have numerous immigrants coming from Slavic nations, along with Greece and from the numerous Christians from the Middle East. Perhaps Russia is hit with a major famine, forcing numerous...
  5. TheNixonator

    Alternate names for the Republican Party

    Title is pretty clear
  6. Alternate names for unconquered Nations in America (+ Alternate colonies names)

    So every once in a while we discuss about what would happen if the main indigenous nations of America managed to fend off the European settlers and conquerors, from the least (Aztecs) to the most (Incas/Tahuantinsuyus) plausible. 1.Something that I keep wondering, more specifically in...
  7. AltoRegnant

    DBWI Hitler Allied Japan, Not China?

    OTL, Cheng Kai Shek, in order to devastate the communists and rebellions in China, became far more autocratic than he already was and singed the Triangle Alliance with Hitler and Mussolini. Japan, wary of this revitalizing china and the fact the Hirohito Purges had killed many valuable, if...
  8. Ed of the Pueblos Libres

    DBWI: ¿United States?

    After the separation of the thirteen colonies with the United Kingdom and the rest of the British Empire all the colonies followed their own path as independent states. But recently after seeing a meeting of "Pan-Americanists" (just out of curiosity) I saw them talking about an idea, the "United...
  9. JustinianTheGrand

    Alternate History Challenge: Create a world where Witch Hunts come back after 1850

    Somehow make witch hunts common again after the year 1850. Edit: So I have received some....clarification of the broadness of my post. I'll clarify a bit. I was talking about witch hunts in Europe and the Americas and I'll say that the time frame is 1850-1930.
  10. ModusViv

    If not Spain, who funds Columbus's voyage?

    I was reading the replies to this thread: And I got to thinking. The Catholic Monarchs really had no reason to fund Columbus, either. It seems plausible that they might have turned him down flat...
  11. Queeney

    PC: Romans in the New World

    Quoting myself from the TL ideas thread: Now, let's check the plausibility of such a scenario: How could a Roman flotilla be brought to the New World, and how long would such a journey take? What is the likelihood of survival for those aboard the ships? Which would be the most likely place...
  12. All this is one country, Television and media

    *What would TV shows be like if this were all a country? *How would they watch the news? *How many time zones would there be?
  13. AltoRegnant

    DBWI Franz Ferdinand Dies?

    Now, as we all know, in 1914, there was hilarious failure of an assassination attempt on then Archduke Franz Ferdinand. None of the would be assassins hit the man, and he was even able to see those injured by the bombs used against him in hospital. He went on to democratize the empire into the...
  14. lerk

    AHC: America as religious as possible following World War II

    With a POD no earlier than 1945, how do you have the United States be as religious as possible, in terms of both society and government?