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    Anglo-Russian-China Axis
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Anglo-Russian-China Axis Foreword In this Timeline the Americans and Japanese would go Socialist and later turn into Social Democrat countries similar to the Nordic countries and China, Britain and Russia would remain monarchist countries and the primary world powers and Britain and Canada is...
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    DBWI: Edward VI is sickly

    Would Mary Tudor, Electress Palatinate try to claim the English crown in this case, she accepted her case was hopeless for the throne and decided to marry the Elector Palatinate on 1545, would she still marry her husband, Philip of Palatinate if she knows her brother Edward VI is sickly and...
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    The Lionheart – A Plantagenet Timeline
    Threadmarks: The Short-lived marriage

    The Lionheart – A Plantagenet Timeline The Short-lived marriage On 1189, Richard I, King of England would be crowned as the King of England and the Duke of Aquitaine for his mother, Eleanor, Richard I would marry Berengaria soon to have heirs of his own, despite the fact that he is betrothed...
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    Britania Rules the Waves
    Threadmarks: Rizal’s survival

    Britannia Rules the Waves Rizal’s survival On 1896, Rizal and Josephine Bracken would be able to go to Cuba and was able to serve in Cuba to minster victims of Yellow Fever in Cuba and later goes on to the United States which would mean that his third book, Kamandagan would be finished which...
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    2 decades more for Henry II
    Threadmarks: The End of the two decades

    2 decades more for Henry II The End of the two decades On 1210, Henry II would die in the ripe age of 77 and he would die in his own sleep and he would have outlived his own first wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen of France and England and have managed his two remaining sons, John and...
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    Bruneian Timeline
    Threadmarks: Magellan’s death

    Bruneian Timeline Magellan’s death On 16 March 1521 (Julian calendar), Magellan sighted the mountains of what is now Samar while on a mission to find a westward route to the Moluccas Islands for Spain. This event marked the arrival of the first documented Europeans in the Archipelago. The...
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    WI: Microsoft Invents something similar to html

    From what I was reading Encarta has similarities with the current HTML standards, what if Microsoft was able to implement it (this is what they planned on Cairo but failed to deliver) and put it on the internet as they have planned it, would this Microsoft 'HTML' rival merge with HTML like what...
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    La Rainha Margot a Portuguese TL
    Threadmarks: The King that gained senses

    La Rainha Margot a Portuguese TL Margaret of France, Queen of Portugal The King that gained senses On 1566, Sebastian I of Portugal would marry Princess Margaret of Valois, creating an alliance between France and Portugal, Margaret of France would arrive with her French flotilla in pomp...
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    Guns of Brunei
    Threadmarks: A Clash of Civilization

    Guns of Brunei A Clash of Civilization On an unknown date of the late 1400’s the Chieftain of Tondo would survive the war with Bruneians who wanted to annex Tondo, he would not have his daughter, Kaylangitan marry Lontok, his son, who Bruneians want her to marry although he would annex Tondo...
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    DBWI First Lady Diana Spencer and President Kennedy jr. die in accidents in the 90's

    First Lady Diana Spencer was married twice, to George VII(who became King in 2010 after Elizabeth II abdicated) who she divorced in the 90's and married to President Kennedy jr. the two were known to be clumsy, strong and get into accidents, she had an accident in 97 where her ex boyfriend Dodi...
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    Luzon and Cuba As American protectorates

    What would be the consequences of the Spanish and Americans agreeing to have Luzon(Tagalog Republic) and Cuba as American protectorates and the Americans getting the Pacific territories while the Spanish retain their other territories which are Visayas, Mindanao and Puerto Rico instead of...
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    DBWI: United Philippines

    I was thinking what would have been the fate of the Philippines if German and later British and Malaysian Mindanao and Spanish Visayas if they were given to the US like Luzon. Luzon or rather the Tagalog republic is now 70% Tagalog speaking including the regions 1-3 which have Ibanag...
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    WI:Visayas gets converted by Brunei-Sulu instead of being Christianized by the Spanish

    From what I read before Lowland Luzon got gradually converted by the Bruneians sometime after the Sack of Tondo, although it took years for them to do it, which was gradual by sending missionaries in that area, is it possible for Visayas to get Converted by Brunei and Sulu or Brunei and Sulu...
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    WI: Portugal Colonizes Northern Luzon

    From what I learned, the only reason why it did not happen is that Lowland Northern Luzon converted to Islam in early 1500s before the Portuguese would be able to convert and colonize them - Muslim scholars and historians know this fact, the second POD for this is actually the Maniago revolt...
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    Lokietek - Elisabeth Ryksa alliance

    @Jan Olbracht @krieger Is it possible for Lokietek and Ryksa to ally by marrying Agnes of Bohemia to Casimir III?
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    Luso Sundanese TL Lite
    Threadmarks: Portuguese Prosetylization

    Note: Removed the Butterflies in this TL and still no Don Carlos Luso-Sundanese TL Lite Portuguese Prosetylization Because of the growing Islamic force in Demak and Cirebon, the Hindu king of Sunda, Sri Baduga, sought assistance from the Portuguese at Malacca. He sent his son, Crown Prince...
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    Spices and Gold – Spanish war of succession timeline
    Threadmarks: A land gained and a Bride rejected

    Spices and Gold – Spanish war of succession timeline A land gained and a Bride rejected On 1660’s the Spanish would not be able to handle the revolt started by Maniago, Almazan and Malong in the North of Nueva Castilla or Luzon and it was able to rebound even if the Spanish would be able to...
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    Continental Plantagenets
    Threadmarks: A marriage alliance

    Continental Plantagenets A marriage alliance After the signing of the Treaty of Le Goulet, and feeling offended by Philip, Arthur fled to John, his uncle, and was treated kindly, at least initially. However, he later became suspicious of John and fled back to Angers, both he and his mother...
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    WI: Arthur of Brittany decides to cooperate with Philippe Auguste

    What if Arthur of Brittany decides to aid Philippe Auguste in his battle with John I of England instead of battling John in the battle of Mirabeau. -In this case Arthur of Brittany would have lost Normandy, although he would have the rest of the Continental Plantagenet Possessions. @The...