alternate ww1

  1. What if Frederick III had lived longer?

    If Frederick III had never smoked therefore never developed cancer. so continues to rule Germany. Assuming that the Archduke is still assassinated. How different would the alliance that triggered WW1? Would Britain and Japan join the Central Powers?
  2. Red Feathers

    Red Feathers: History of WW1 Part 1 After the Franco-Prussian War, France would heavily fortify their border with Germany. France saw Germany as a threat and ramped up their military budget. They built trenches with heavy defensive layouts. Because of the reaction of France to Germany Europe...
  3. AltoRegnant

    France + AH vs Germany And Italy With Neutral Britain and Russia?

    say that, sometime after the collapse of the League of Three Emperors collapsed, Germany and AH had their own diplomatic falling out, (perhaps over nationalists in Austria being supported by parts of the German government, albeit not Prussians) and while Germany is able to maintain the Italian...
  4. Alternate Washington Naval Treaty with a WW1 German victory(?)

    Anyways, with a POD in spring of 1915, this is the alternate world in 1923, as a semi- to almost-realistic take on the popular Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Kaiserreich. The objective is to determine the outcome of this alternate Washington Naval Treaty.
  5. DoryElTec

    What if Friedrich III, Wilhelm II's father, lives a long live: An attempt to rewrite history from the 1890s into the Cold War

    Here in this scenario we will explore how Friedrich III living longer would impact history. A world war is going to be unavoidable seeing French irredentism over Alsace Lorraine, the situation in the Balkans and imperialist conflicts. I'm going to avoid the thinking of him being there could...
  6. AHC: A Strange Twist on (pre-)WW2

    Okay, so I was really bored today, and I just decided to randomly swap around the ideologies of the major world powers (America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia) using console commands. Here's what I came up with: - Britain (and the rest of the Commonwealth): Non-Aligned (I...
  7. How could a Romanian Empire come into existence?

    Okay, so, this is a pretty simple alternate history post: how could Romania become an empire (colonial or otherwise), and how could this empire last until at least the early-mid 20th century?
  8. Rheinbund

    A German Eastern Strategy exposed

    Based on this thread I have a question, let's assume that Germany decide to follow an estern strategy after the Russian-japan war, the kaiser persuaded that Russian is weak and could be...