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  2. WI: Kazakhstan never left the Soviet Union

    IOTL Kazakhstan was the last Soviet Republic to declare independence from the USSR. So what would happen if they simply decide to continue the legacy of the Soviet Union, but in Kazakhstan ? And maybe integrate Kyrgyzstan back as an autonomous province. How will this change Central Asia and the...

    Man's Best Friend: An Alternate 1990s and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction Hello everyone! This is my first alternate timeline here on this site! Alternate history has always fascinated me. The idea of another world - or another chain of events in history has fascinated me ever since I started learning about history. I first got into alternate history...
  4. How would Ukraine fit in the Union of Sovereign States if this happened?

    In 1991, many republics of the Soviet Union expressed interest in recreating the union into a new federation of sovereign states, where things such the army and foreign policy would be United and agreed on. While it did express interest in joining the new union of sovereign states, Ukraine...
  5. ArupinumMaivista

    Brotherhood and unity: An alternate history of football
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Reform

    Uncertainty Yugoslavia in 1990 - It all seemed like the once great union of southern Slavs was reaching its demise, following ethnic conflict between its people. The Kosovo crisis that has been going on for almost four years now had opened the Pandora's box, with massive riots breaking out all...
  6. Jaiken

    A Humble Nintendo: What if Donkey Kong Failed?

    The idea was simple, launch the Donkey Kong arcade game and let it see how the American market would react. Instead, the game had a bug that made the game play terribly or simply not at all, Donkey Kong would have to be shelved. With all the monitors now needing to be recalled something had to...
  7. Jaiken

    East Meets West: Nintendo Partners with Microsoft in 1992
    Threadmarks: Nintendo and Microsoft: East Recruits West

    It is the year 1992 and Mario Paint is selling the SNES Mouse like hotcakes. That is when Hiroshi Yamaouchi comes up with a new idea to bring advanced hardware to Nintendo's platforms. Why not bring the company Microsoft on board to develop hardware technology to help compete with Sega and Sony...
  8. Jaiken

    A New Legacy: Nintendo acquires Midway timeline
    Threadmarks: Nintendo and Midway: the Start

    It is early 2003 and Midway is about to shutdown Midway Games West, company with the name associated with the old Atari, until a certain Mustached Plumber buys their parent company. Premise: Nintendo decides it wants to acquire a company that has these qualities: 1) Good arcade multiplayer...
  9. "From Udall You Voters..." President Udall Fan Contribution Thread

    Yup! Thanks to reader interest, behold! A Guest Contribution Thread! It is here where some of the stuff could be elaborated and expanded upon, especially in stuff I am not an expert in and whatnot. Maybe I didn't get into enough details into a certain thing or there are some lungering...