alt 1950s

  1. My first map

    This is just some map I made for fun with MS paint and I thought it would be cool to share it. Anyway, enjoy!
  2. Aluma

    Plausibility Check: Microwave replaces the Atomic Bomb

    Hi, I'm a newbie and this is my first post here I'm not a nuclear physicist so I really hope I dont upset anyone, however I've been wanting to ask this a forever ago, so here it goes: As most are aware, nuclear bombs can produce large electromagnetic fields(EMP) that can temporarily render...
  3. What if the soviet union never fell?

    This kinda sounds stupid because there were various reasons for the soviet union to collapse but lets just say they never suffered the cold war and stuff, For example what if germany was never partitioned? Thats the kinda stuff i wanna see. So this is basically a no cold war scenario starting...
  4. Alternate Americas (mainly 18th Century)

    I've been writing a timeline that I'm making a story in for a while. The Point of Divergence is that a Mongol ruler who was not Genghis Khan came to power and made many different decisions, such as not conquering the Islamic Caliphate and putting all of their resources from China and Korea into...