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  1. ZeroFrame

    Hell or Highwater: Buddy Cianci and the Decade of Malice

    What is this? A timeline where an underrated figure from Rhode Island becomes president. His name is Buddy Cianci. At one point he was considered a rising star in the Republican Party so I got an idea. Why? I got bored at school. How long will this last? Hopefully until I finish it or get...
  2. Oppo

    Everything Has Gone Green: The Consequences of Googling Murray Bookchin
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    “I believe in change, I believe in the Environment, I believe in Community, I believe in Human Rights and I believe in Freedom. Generally those are all things that the Left could and should believe in” -Dave Cook, 1983 “We have gone far away from the Vulgar Marxism that started us off” -Nina...